The Easter Eggs In DC Black Label Batman/Catwoman

Extremely cute stuff! I am very excited for the finale!

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So am I. =)

:exploding_head: I just realized this entire series takes place in December…this is actually literally an easter egg Links it to Helena Wayne’s first appearance in the real world in December 1977 All-Star Comics #69 …and the death of Selina Kyle-Wayne of Earth-Two in DC Super-Stars #17 :arrow_left::crying_cat_face: :sob: This one will rip your heart out every time.
and also catwoman’s first mini series Catwoman (1988-) #1 same month :exploding_head:

:thinking: I can’t help but wonder if this is why king chose to make Helena batwoman instead of huntress Superman/Batman Vol 1 24

ya, it’s likely a reference to Helena Bertinelli but still, could be a reference to earth two’s Helena Wayne.

I am very intrigued, myself, at the development of Helena. I kinda wish/hope that King would do a 6 issue miniseries about her. We get such tantalizing glimpses of her in Bat/Cat, the Annual, and the Special.

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