The Easter Eggs In DC Black Label Batman/Catwoman

For me, one of the best things about Batman/Catwoman is all the little references to the history of their relationship and their history in the comics and other mediums. So I thought would start a Topic for posting these easter eggs. I thought I would start with the most recent one I noticed. Helena Wayne’s batsuit…

It is a more tasteful fusion of Catwoman earth-1099’s catsuit. This version of Catwoman having Bruce Wayne’s background, and well not seen on this cover shot her cowls eyes are a similar (but darker) shade of yellow-green, and the color of it is a good matchup to the purple of this suit as seen in the pages of the book. and…

the original batsuit in the shape of the cowl and gloves.
with a bit of

and I just realized there is a bit of batgirl yellow for the gloves, emblem, and utility pouches

and fitting as Helena is the batwoman of the future, and her suit references the cape of this batsuit.


Nice breakdown of the suit and influences!

I do wonder the future of this character considering the possibilities of her connections within the Batman Mythos.

Could she be Joker’s daughter from an extramarital affair? What is her stance on crime and vigilantism considering she was raised by Bruce and Selena?

I think there is potentially a lot to be explored through Helena and I wonder how much of that we are going to get in this series and if she will be around for a solo series or something down the line.

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Thank you. Catwoman 80th Aniversary shows she is Bruce and Selina’s in the story, Helena by tom king. However, Andrew Beaumont is likely bruce or Jokers.
PS: However after new earth making Helena Kyle possibly not Bruces despite being named after the daughter of Batman and Catwoman makes me not like her being anyone but bruce’s.

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Here is another easter egg from the Batman (1989)movie Gotham Cathedral where batman threw the joker off the roof. this has been featured in the first four issues of the series.

Danny DeVito’s Penguin.

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Also, I do not really see Selina as the type to cheat, nor Bruce being the type to cheat. The story that starts this universe seems to be in its second year of operations. Given bruce and Andrea’s relationship was in year one in batman TAS, his and Selina’s relationship would start after that. However, the Joker is the type who may violate a woman and he may or may not have violated Selina in Frank Miller’s All-Star Batman and Robin series have yet to get around to reading it though so its just what I know off DC database.

I think Selina’s issues with him later in life is she realizes just how deranged he is and is she was one of the first to be gassed with Joker gas after he perfected his recipe and his consent interference with her relationship with Bruce. However there was also mention of the First wedding, so it’s likely that Selina left bruce at the alter at one point, and likely the events of mask of the phantasm takes place in batman TSA thus bringing another easter egg reference to the fray.

Andrew Beaumont as Mask of the phantasm implies that Adrea and Bruce sleep together after Andrea saves him from the cops. However, I think Helena is conceived after whatever happens to Andrea happens. However, as shown in the Brave and the Bold issue 197 the original earth two continuity batman has been in operation for 15 years before he and Catwoman finally get hitched. Helena is born two years after her parents married in 1957 again according to the DC database Fandom as DC infinite does not have Last Days of the Justice Society Special.


Awesome information! I don’t have a lot of this history so always nice to see there are some more stories that give more background information.

In relevance to the characters in this story, I only know of Helena from this series, and Phantasm from TAS and this series. So my speculation of whether or not she might be Joker’s daughter is simply based on the interactions from the beginning of BATMAN/CATWOMAN when Selina and Joker seem to have some sort of history that almost implies a sense of intimacy beyond their Batman connection.

I’ll definitely be checking out the references you dropped here so I can get more of a feel for the character and the relationships. My instinct thus far makes me believe Bruce would never ever cheat, but I’m on the fence about Selena. I don’t think she would do it without guilt, but I’m not totally convinced she wouldn’t either.

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A few other Easter Eggs.

In the first issue we not only see the Phantasm brought into modern continuity for the first time, but another villain created from the animated series in The Sewer King, who was the villain of the episode “The Underdwellers.”

And here’s a speculative one, since it’s not out yet, but the Batman/Catwoman special that’s coming out fairly soon (I think it’s next month but they could have delayed it due to John Paul Leon’s untimely passing) is about Selina Kyle’s life before she became Catwoman, “her earliest days to her entry into the criminal underworld, and reveals that Bruce was actually a presence in her life all along.”

This makes me wonder if maybe this will be something sort of like what we saw in the Gotham TV series, where they knew each other as kids to some degree.

I like that Gotham angle of bruce and Selina knowing each other since they were kids angle and in comics, Bruce got kicked out of a lot of private schools as a kid (both Gotham and Brentwood academy), and the graphic novel Under the moon: a Catwoman tale(god I want a sequel to this book) has Bruce and Selina attending public high school. another interesting way to do it would be having bruce live on the street ala Nolanverse and meet.

PS: also that costume of Catwomen’s in the picture is an Easter egg itself based on her original B: TAS costume =).

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I just realized something interesting with the delays Batman/Catwoman is going to end in February. Personally, I would love if it ended in March or if DC has the compilation released in March =) Why March. Well, the cover date of Batman issue 1 which is the issue where the bat and the cat meet on the boat. But why on March 11? Well, in Batman Year One, the bat and the cat first meet on the street on March 11. Too bad March 11 is a Friday next year.
However, having the final issue be released around valentines day would be a great touch (it’s a Monday next year).

side note: batman issue one introduced both Catwoman and The Joker. as this series involves all three would be fun to have it end the month the cover date of the introduction of the cat and the clown would be great.

I just noticed the joker is never drawn the same way twice.

0_0 I just realized this book reads similar to Akira Kurosawa’s psychological thriller Rashomon. Especially with the art inconsistencies.

I also just realized the three era’s could be a easter egg referencing the 3 actresses who played catwoman in Batman 66.

Holy F i can’t believe i missed this easter egg in issue three


Here’s a new one I noticed: Red sky’s over Gotham in issue 10: only in the flashback of Santa Joker Catwoman fight.


So is the reference supposed to be the B:TAS style Gotham or maybe Crisis? It’s possible, but I honestly thought it was just a coloring choice – red is often the color for passion, anger, and violence, so it makes sense to use it for a pivotal scene.

that was my thinking as the shade is right, and an outdoor fight. however, the purple could be a reference to Hello there batman returns in the fight against helena.

well, Batman/Catwoman issue 11 had some interesting moments from Inque being introduced to Helena tazing Dick. however easter eggs

Helena drives the B:TAS batmobile.

And we have the Batman 1989 batmobile.

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Nice! I noticed the cars, but didn’t twig to where they were coming from!

well, the batman 89 is mostly in silhouette so it’s hard to tell but the batwing fenders give it away. the BTAS one i likely will always recognize as that’s my personal headcanon batmobile. however, it’s also fitting that these two batmobiles were used as Batman (89) and Batman Returns are the parents of B: TAS/DCAU. however, also I just realized the past Scenes are more like the Burtonverse well the future is more DCAU and I think the present is more a blend of them or the comics.

Official this is Tom Kings Rebirth Catwoman. Double Date reference and a cute daddy-daughter moment.

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