The Doom Patrol kindly asks: "For the week of 2/13/19, what new comics are you anticipating?"

I think Chief would be the architect of that question. I could see Larry ask it while he’s whipping up a plate of scrumdiddlyumptuous. He’s quite conversive.

Anywho! claps hands together It’s a new week and that means new comics! What’re you psyched for this week?

My top picks:
-Superman #8
-Titans #34
-Wonder Woman #64
-Wonder Twins #1
-Goddess Mode #3/Electric Warriors #4

Honorable Mention: Hawkman #9

What new releases have got you cranking up your Zero Hour Metal to 11 this week?

SN: For those interested, this week should also start seeing the latest Walmart 100 Page Giant books too. The eighth issues of Superman and Batman, followed by the first issues of The Flash, Swamp Thing, Titans and Wonder Woman are said to be in stores by the 17th.


The Flash
Justice League Dark
Detective Comic

There are a few others


Oh Batman who Laughs

Sure there a few more


This week’s pull:

The Flash #64
Hawkman #9

Murder Falcon #5

Thor #10
Amazing Spider-Man #15

Titans #34

@Nickweiser, what is Murder Falcon about? That sounds interesting.

It’s Supes and Supes week! Superman #8 and Supergirl #27.

And I’m so ready for that Wonder Twins.


@Vroom It is a wild heavy metal based action story with lots of heart. A dude named Jake had it all, a great gf, kickass band until he lost everything. Then he meets Murder Falcon(literally his name). MF needs him and Jake needs him for pretty wild reasons. I want to say more but I could be getting spoilery.

The 5th issue hits tomorrow and it is supposed to go up to 8. The trade arrives in July but if you do monthly comics each issue has a variant that pays homage to legendary metal albums the writer and artist is a fan of.

The writer AND penciller is Daniel Warren-Johnson. Colors from Mike Spicer.

DWJ also wrote and drew a kickass 12 issue story that wrapped recently titled Extremity. That’s a whole other can of worms.

Anyways, hope you check it out!

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Hmmm, Murder Falcon sounds interesting. I might peek a sneak at that!

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Will enjoy
Detective Comics
Justice League Dark

Wonder Twins

Electric Warrior
Goddess Mode
Red Hood
Wonder Woman

To Stay Current Only
Batman who laughs
House of Whispers

Cancelled Book

@OldManJonah, sorry I missed this earlier but I too am ready for the Wonder Twins! I usually think they suck, but this book will likely turn that opinion around.

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I’ve been thoroughly enjoying Wonder Comics and will definitely be trying out Wonder Twins! The preview two weeks ago was awesome!

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Wonder Comics has been wonderful so far. A solid imprint for sure.

The Super cousin’s titles is what I am most eager about. I already read latest Supergirl on digital and I loved it.

I might try Wonder Twins just to challenge my palate with something new. I can’t even really with their costumes but it’s an ongoing struggle between that and my curiosity. We will see what wins out.