The Doom Partol

Doom Patrol is one-of-a-kind. Loved every second of it, the comedy, the violence, and especially the friendship. A team of strange, but incredible heroes don’t call them freaks, call them The Doom Patrol. Can’t wait for season 2.


You and I both… Some moments were a bit over the top, but damn this series was amazing… VERY well written…

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Loved it, better than the source material

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I liked it but there’s also things I didn’t love about it. In particular there wasn’t a whole lot of superhero action in this superhero show. It’s a shame that a character like Jane with 60+ superpowers only used any of them a handful of times. It’s a shame that Elasti-Girl never was able to use her powers on purpose.

I never read the books so maybe this is just the way its supposed to be.

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@rex.mason yea but I think you missed the bigger picture here…shows like Titans are for those who want to action super hero stuff… Doom Patrol has really laid it out that it’s far far deeper in character study over repetitive action fight scenes. I agree with you definitely about Elastigirl, but remember this is just 1 season…plenty of time for her to develop and learn… Same goes for Elastigirl…though…her character annoys the hell out of me…so I really hope they do something with her that’s not so obnoxious.

I loved the series. The entire season 1 arc was written like an origin story for the characters. I completely prefer the methodical pacing of the DP series over traditional storytelling, and feel connected to each of the characters. You can experience a wide range of emotions in just a single episode (just ask Flex, or even Larry). I learned something new about each character (it seems like) every episode. I hope they continue to develop the characters this way next season, even if I have a feeling they will be forced to add more action into the series. Really, though, I think it would have been just another super hero show if Jane or Rita had complete and conscious knowledge of their powers and/or abilities from day 1. DP is character driven and I hope it stays that way.

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I agree, @jvfann, I want it to stay character driven, and more like a character study. When they faked us out with the team in matching uniforms, fighting a robot, I was really worried it was going to lose its appeal for me.

Is copies of the Stuffed Giraffe going to be for sale at some point. Also noticed a copy of the Giraffe showed up in last episode of Flash. Elongated Man could help Rita Farr with her Powers.

In the beginning, they tell you it’s not a super-hero show and you don’t believe it. But after a few episodes in you realize that this is something else.

I’m a big fan of the art style of the silver age doom patrol and I like their rogue’s gallery. But I i’m not the biggest fan of the 80’s incarnation and the show had some amazing heart renching epidodes that borrowed heavily from that series. However, the climax and resolution was a little “flat” for me. It was not bad in any measure, i’m just not looking forward to the next season.