The Direction of the DCU in Comics

I have been collecting DC Comics physically on a regular basis since June. When Bendis came on Superman I was super stoked. I as a lapsed reader was excited and had been reading past New 52 to catch up. Having Read most Rebirth titles, I loved the direction the DCU was going. After 6 months of whatever continuity we are in since Bendis, I almost broke down and went to the otherside of the Superhero isle so to speak.
I believe most of my animosity started with the Bat wedding and the debacle that was. Also recently realizing after 16 issues, an annual and a mini event, I finally understand what the heck is going on in Justice League by Snyder. I have spent a total of almost 80 dollars give or take on a convoluted story about a doorknob and a wall. Heroes in Crisis has also been something of a crap show. It should have ended at issue 7 or sooner. This past 6 months has been depressing to read.
I love the DC characters and love this app, but at the moment the other side is looking less depressing. In terms of continuity and how they respect not perfectly the legacy of their characters.

I would like to see with this thread others thoughts that are keeping up. I feel the only writer’s that understand the DCU are Geoff Johns and Peter Tomasi at the moment. Hope to see some thoughtful discussions despite the rambling.


I think the comics DCU is too busy trying to get new, young readers. Every year or two, there’s a big shakeup. Everything changes, but nothing changes. Meaning, current storylines are wrapped up quickly; and main characters are redefined over a period of six months. After the six months, the status quo is back. It keeps getting like a big waste of time.

It’s lazy writing. It’s why the Spiderman movie franchise almost died. It’s why Marvel’s X-titles had such a hard time in the late 90’s.

I wasn’t a huge fan of New 52. But it was somewhat nice because all the readers had an opportunity to get on the same page. But, we had that before New 52. And of course Convergence just reset everything. So, New 52 seems like a big waste of time.


They did a good job with DC rebirth. I liked how they were bringing back the relationships that they go rid of with the new 52. I think it’s become a little too depressing now. I’ve never really liked any of Bendis’s writing except for some Avengers stories in the 2000’s I didn’t like his X-men or Guardians. I know that most people talk about how good his Daredevil is but I just haven’t been able to get into it. His ultimate Spider-man just copied earlier stories if you think about it. His Civil War 2 also made me really dislike Captain Marvel. I’m not sure what is going on with Superman. I really liked Super Sons, but they can’t have that series anymore. He also basically got rid of Lois. The relationship between Superman and Lois and Jon was the best part of the Superman rebirth, and he got rid of that.


Timberfire117, I think you can add Robert Venditti to your “short list” of writers at DC who currently understand the characters. As for the direction of the current DCU, I’ve stated my displeasure for it elsewhere on this app. Suffice it to say, I think the DCU is too dark and in some kind of “deconstruction mode” at the present. Hopefully, wiser minds will prevail and our beloved characters will return to some semblance of their true selves. That said, there are still some good books to be read presently. Tomasi and Mahnke on Detective Comics, Venditti and Hitch on Hawkman, Venditti, and Barrows on Freedom Fighters, The Terrifics, and for the most part The Flash. And while I agree the Current Justice League book can sometimes be a “head-scratcher”, give props to Snyder for creating a multi-leveled story that hopefully pays off bigtime.


I think the big problem is that the whole DC Universe is going to be rebooted when Doomsday Clock ends.

Why waste a good story, when it will soon be negated.

Or maybe the good story is too big and there is only x number of months left.

Or certain events must occur first.

Doomsday Clock is way late.

So don’t think too hard for your next ideas. Tread water.

Go main or kill characters. They will be back. Soon. Unharmed.

Go make characters killers, or completely out of character… Doesn’t matter in the long run.

Bendis and the other writers know the roadmap after Doomsday Clock ends.

Maybe they are just waiting to give us their best ideas, and for today, just practice with our beloved characters, with self indulgence.


Your doorknob and a wall comment was so funny.

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Well it’s true. As of today I sit and am trying to read Doctor Strange and I just can’t get into it. Cause it’s not my Justice League Dark. Or Constantine. I tried Guardians, but there again I like Odyssey and hoping Dan Abnett can right that ship. I am done with Wonder Woman. I have issues 30-63 and all the Rebirth Trades 1-5. DC cannot seem to hire a writer that understands her. Aside from Perez or Rucka. Dare I say Azzerello is the most refreshing take on Diana if your not a purist. Heck even the editorial mandated Robinson run was great.
Heck this app has the best versions of Superman and Lois Lane. Give me a Superman like Superman for All Seasons. Not a man that lets his kid go off with a maniac for “reasons”. I mean Lois and Clark’s marriage is a joke if you read the way it’s presented. And Bendis is so arrogant with Fans saying we will apologize to him when he is done.
My main gripe is where are we headed for the universe. The interesting things will be if the writers and everyone flesh out the Galactic Side of the DCU. This part of the universe when you compare to Marvel is lacking. I feel that is something Snyder and Tynion, even with his word vomit of writing, are heading towards.
Does anyone have thoughts about the Galactic Side? I mean Morrison is off in his own little world so unlike Rebirth doesn’t count.

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I’ve always thought the New52 was largely unnecessary, and the execution caused more problems down the line than necessary (and Geoff Johns’ involvement makes me wary of him). I get they wanted to get new readers, but they went about it in a very short-sighted manner. I tolerated a lot of pointless changes that added nothing good, while reading multiple titles that largely didn’t need a big reboot to happen.

But what do I know? I’m just the guy DC expects to give them money.

The changes to character origins, in particular, were perhaps the biggest of their problems. A lot of shock value, grim, gritty, and stuff being different for the sake of saying its different. Nothing improved or innovative. Hush may’ve gotten the best reinvention, but his original origin wasn’t all that great; hardly an accomplishment. I missed Stephanie Brown (a character that I had to acquire an appreciation for) and my favorite Batgirl, Cassandra Cain, but given how terribly everyone was retconned, I was glad they were “safe”. Then Tynion more or less made them second fiddles, in their own origins and development, to his mentor/buddy’s “original” character. Long-winded stories that never met their intended point, sold weekly for anniversaries in a cash-grab gimmick, resulted in infantilizing one of my favorite comic characters of all time (among others), and I’m expected to believe the writer “loved” her, or any of them, and that his 'Tec run does Cass any justice, and isn’t just nostalgic lip-service and fan-fic level amateurism.

Right. And maybe if we give Michael Bay another shot, he’ll make the best Transformers movie ever.

Rebirth comes along, alleged by many to be an apology for the New52. Dan Didio, one of said reboot’s architects and loather of characters the paying customers like, even [sort of] said they messed up. But even though Supes lost his reboot nonsense and the Flash that I grew up reading in Morrison’s JLA was back, the damage was done. Cass was screwed up, and she’s apparently stayed screwed up, because even though both continuities are alleged to happen , Tynion does not seem to have elaborated how two histories for Cass (or Steph, or Azrael) can work together when they’re so different. If I’m being honest, I don’t think he cared to reintegrate Cassandra’s good history; he’s too enamored with his version where the only character that matters to anyone, at anytime, is Bluebird. Who doesn’t even matter enough, according to some, to appear more than a couple times in two years. Yet her absence doesn’t solve all the problems done by bad writing promoting her so obnoxiously and hollowly, to say nothing of it being so at the expense of other, beloved characters.

But what do I know? I’m just a reader that pays attention and am supposed to just “go with the flow” and keep my expectations rock bottom because it’s easier for the writer.

I admit I can’t comment on the direction of the DCU as a whole right now. What I can say, is that they try “shaking up” the status quo too often, every story of every book is supposed to be “the most important” or a “game-changer” when it’s just the same stuff they’ve done before, if more “EXTREME” or grisly or whatever they think they need to do to get attention. Short-sighted leadership led to poor decisions by DC’s higher-ups, most of whom remain in positions of authority after many years of screw-ups. Their lack of skill has caused a trickle-down effect of mediocrity, and I have no reason to give them any benefit of the doubt because characters I don’t follow are (according to some skuttlebutt) being written better.

That said, I could be persuaded to pick up another DC title. As long as it featured Cassandra Cain, not as Orphan, and it establishes that the Eternal stories were retconned away, and everything they established, from the new origins to Mother to the lousy iteration of David Cain to the nonsensical importance of Harper Row, was thoroughly extracted and disposed of. I’m tired of settling. I’m tired of having to move on when someone else is causing the problem. I’m tired of clearly incapable people flourishing where they don’t belong. I’m tired of the stupid.


I really hope that Doomsday Clock resets some of this stuff.

@Kent.53457 I’ve been hearing mixed things about it, but I feel the same way (obvious by my lengthy post above).

Though given how infrequently the issues have been released, it’s seems less like Doomsday Clock and more like Doomsday Stopwatch. slides shades on over existing shades

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Personally, I’m sick of storylines with big pay offs. Just write some quality characters. I mean, Ted Kord is still a fan favorite, and I don’t think he ever had “major storylines with big pay offs.” And he’s been dead for over a decade!

@Timberfire117 Robert Venditti gets it too. Do yourself a favor and start picking up his current Hawkman run. One the absolute best series I’ve read in a long, long time. As for “righting the DC ship,” I would tell Mr. DiDio its time for him to on and explore different career ventures. Then I’d get on the phone and call Mr. Paul Levitz and offer him his old job back. I would NOT take no for an answer.


To be honest I’m sick of storylines that DON’T have any sort of big payoff or even lasting repercussions even though they are advertised having them. It just makes companies look stupid to advertise some big “game changing storyline that will change some character’s life forever” and then its forgotten by them the next storyline or when a new writer comes along trying to make their own stamp on a character.


@JasonTodd428 These anti-climactic finales have to go. If anything they just don’t make any damn sense. Why wouldnt you want your arcs to end in a huge payoff. Why would you even consider doing it otherwise. This shouldn’t ever be an issue.

@JasonTodd428 I think many writers are trying to be “the next” Alan Moore or Frank Miller. Either that, or they’re encouraged (by higher-ups like Didio) to attempt to ape their style/success as best they can. I noticed many times old storyline titles being tweaked a bit, like nostalgia bait (“The Dying Joke”, “A Lonely Place of Living”, “Death of the Family”). Batman Eternal copied Bane’s plan of exhausting Batman in order to defeat him (of course, Eternal did it in a much more bloated fashion). I can understand wanting to do a “new spin” on a pre-existing idea (I wouldn’t mind the opportunity to retry that Elseworlds story where Bruce Wayne became a Green Lantern), but not every writer has enough to offer that warrants rehashing a story.

There’s a lot of show attention given to the sizzle, but the steak they give you? Well, be lucky if it’s any piece of an actual steak and not a chew toy. Though, to be fair, that’ll depend on the character, since DC doesn’t really treat them equally.

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While JL has been a long build up, imo its been an incredibly fun read.
That said, I agree with a number of your other points. Bendis’ heading of Supes as a whole, the Bat Wedding, Heroes in Crisis is more a depressing slog than any form of entertainment. Most of the series I was following have either ended or shifted creative leads all at about the same time, which has made it a jarring experience and I feel like I’m going to be dropping a number of titles in the coming weeks.

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I think it’s funny that my comments about stopping the “big pay offs,” and others’ comments about having big pay offs that actually affect something, are the same criticism.

We readers get invested in a story and the characters. We want the plot to continue. We don’t want the plot to stop every six months. And we certainly don’t want to watch a storyline that we got invested in simply disappear.

If DC’s listening to this forum, stop ignoring the history! Don’t have Doomsday Clock reset everything (again)! Instead, make these stories feel real, with real consequences.


It’s not that I want them to reset everything, but bring back the hope that rebirth started with. Aging up Jon was just dumb, and I really don’t like Ric Grayson. From what I heard there was going to be an arc with Batgirl, but that got changed when they gave him amnesia. I think that Marvel has done things better recently. They finally fixed Spider-man by putting him back together with Mary Jane, and they brought back all their old heroes.


I’m happy to see people mention Venditti and Hitch’s Hawkman on here! #9 releases today and normally I get my comics on Thursday but Hawkman has become my first day buy! Hopefully others on here have the title on their pull or plan on buying the trades. Best DC comic on the market!

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@Timberfire117 whole heartedly agree the only good thing left in wonder woman is Brian Azzarello. Got to see him at Denver comic con for both the wonder woman and Batman panels. Nobody in town except me and like 2 other people even seemed to notice he showed up…

And I would just like to say that is, in my opinion, what is wrong with the dcu currently. Brian Azzarello at comic con goes unnoticed… a shame. Same comic con where that pic of Mamoa “blocking the dude from his wife” and signing over his face went viral. We can all agree lots of great ideas from dc lately, without any real payoff. And I think that’s because the devide between new fans and old fans is too wide. And I think it shows in the story content. After all, how do you please everybody at once? How do you bring in the new without changing the old. And with CBR watching to report and judge your every move? I’ve been liking the stories, but I can’t say I’m not disappointed a bit. But every time I remember they are a company that needs to make a profit. I find it… to easy to forgive them for the lack luster writing. At least the art work still looks nice, for the books that matter… I have lots of faith though that Dc cares and isn’t chasing the media… So I still read their stories, which in that regard haven’t disappointed. Dc is still, for me, a solid guarantee. If I want to amuse myself or share with my children (hopefully the next gen of dc fans :wink: dc has yet to disappoint.