The Difference?

What is the difference between Rebirth and the New 52? What is is the best place to start reading? I want read origin comics but I don’t know where to start. I definitely want to read Batman and Nightwing storylines.

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New 52 is a clean slate. That was the new starting point for continuity. That’s a great place to start reading. Rebirth continues after New52 events but brings back pre-New 52 things fans loved that they disregarded or changed in New 52. Essentially, Rebirth is the current comic continuity. Once you read some New52 and rebirth titles, I suggest going back and reading older story lines.

If you have any more comic reading questions, just ask.

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Also forgot to note, if you do want to venture out, google top 5 or 10/must read story lines.

New 52 was a reboot: a new storytelling framework seperate from that which came before.

Rebirth was a relaunch: a new starting point within an existing storytelling framework.

Simple =)


New 52 was all about changing things up to appeal to new readers. Rebirth was all about trying to bring old ones back.

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