:superman: 🪦 The Death of Superman Turns 30 🪦 :superman:

Sing it!

I widdled my pull list down to the Superman line and WildC.A.T.S (with everything else becoming an Ultra read), and I still haven’t had time for even that small amount of stuff.

Maybe by the time Waller vs. WildStorm #1 finally sees release (March, last I read), I’ll be caught up.

Wouldn’t bet on it, though. :joy:


And…and remember when Superman was on trial at the same time OJ was, and…and he dealt with the Dominus Effect and then he saw what was under the Millennium Giants robes and then he cut his mullet and welcomed in Y2K with Brainiac?

The '90s, rife with bananas and all other manner of tasty ingredients used in Fruitopia, aka the mug I chugged while going between classes in high school. :drooling_face:

his phone rings

Ah, a call on my telephone.

picks up the call, says “Oh sure, like on Animaniacs? Yeah, I can do that. No problemo. Oh, the crew’s already out front? Okeydoke, let’s roll, Senor Spielbergo!”

Pardon me for a moment, Kon.

opens his front door, peeks out to look at where the camera is, then walks out onto the sidewalk and up to the camera

Okay, so, so…this one time…Randy Beeman ate a whole jar of what he thought was Honeycomb cereal, but it turns out it was just a jar of dried-out bees.


skedaddles back inside as Spielberg says “Beautiful! Cut and print!”

What were we talking about, again? Oh right, nanners.

'Member when Lobo said “Monkey want a nana?” to Superman on STAS?

“That’s gold, Jerry. Gold!

SN: What do we think of the DCAU take on Doomsday?

Agreed on all points.

Bad for him, but good for the readers…and cash registers at comic stores across the land, which in turn was very good for DC. :slight_smile:

Being that we’re in a Triangle Era dialogue ATM…I did a 25th anniversary celebration of Superman Blue a while back…care to offer anything new (or restate your existing points as well) in that thread?

I know we’re of opposing viewpoints on that storyline, but I’d be open to letting you have the podium to further elaborate on your perspectives, if you like. LMK.


We’ve spoken once or twice, she’s cool. Big Lois fan.


The lady hath good taste.

When the opportunity should arise, please be sure to let her know the Modern Age Superman Club enjoyed her writing, and that it looks forward to any future pieces about The Man of Steel and his universe from her.


:laughing: I think I mostly agree with you on Superman Blue aside from the fact that I like the Silver Age story better (and my general, well-documented gripes with the era). Outside of that I think it’s a better story than it’s given credit for being. I’ll take a look at the thread, but I might want to take a little to read my dollar bin back issues of that story to refamiliarize myself with it. Unlike The Death of Superman, I don’t know it like the back of my hand.


You can read it here, too:

The Annuals and the Superman Red/Superman Blue and Superman Forever one-shots aren’t yet in digital (and some of the non-Superman books that tied into the Millennium Giants weren’t carried over to the above collection either; however, those MG tie-ins are in the Millennium Giants collection), but everything else is there in reading order.

Speaking of Millennium Giants, feel free to chat about that in my Superman Blue thread, if you want. I don’t recall seeing any in-depth analysis of the Millennium Giants, and I’d be curious to get your thoughts on the tale.


I’ll do my best!


:superman:uper, man! :superman_hv_3:


On a serious note…

No Death of Superman means no Reign of the Supermen. Means no Steel. Means no Conner.

All stories are relevant. Ignoring the historical impact “Death” had on the character, and DC Comics, would be a mistake.

Knightfall feels like a fully realized “let’s take even more time” story based on the “Death” model. I like Knightfall too. And Knights End. And Quest.

I like Azrael. Did I ever tell you?

Mmmm. 90’s comics are like a toasty fire on this soggy day in this temperate rainforest. Toastee!


I do seem to recall an occasional mention of that by you, from time to time.

You know, this may be brand-new information, but…I like Superman. Like, really like him. Dude’s the best, my fav’rit, in point of fact.

:notes: “Did I ever tell you that you’re my hero?” :notes:

clears throat

There’s a reason I’m not a singer, you see. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

'90s DC toys are like that, too.

Speaking of, an early Christmas gift from me to you:

Fun Fact (and I’m sure you know this): There are two other Azrael figures in the Legends of Batman line. The above however is the best of the lot.


You opened it?!!!

:laughing: :smiley:


Buckle your seatbelt, because I opened my bagged #75, too. :grin:

Just the regular one with the bloody S-shield, though. Not the one with the gray/silver S-shield, as I’ve never owned that.


I think I might have been reading the full arc around the same time as you D4RK5TARZ. :smile:

Oh the Death and Return of Superman… :pensive: :superman_hv_3:

There were 3 comic events I set my eyes on reading when signing up in the days of DCU… :books:

The first was because the CW was doing Crisis on Infinite Earths so I decided to read that before it aired… :smile:

Next, was this. :superman:

Even though I knew the basics that Superman would die and then return… Reading through all the build up to it… Even now I can’t help but still feel how I felt when reading it for the first time. :pleading_face:

Definitely fun seeing all the iterations of Superman that came out of the Death of Superman. :smiley:

And now I will just leave a few panels as I do :rofl: that I saved at one point. :joy: :superman_hv_4:


Say Vroom Conner got the memo for pizza in this last panel, and fun fact at the planet today the office went to a pizza place for lunch. :pizza: :yum: :superman_hv_4:


Even though I had DCU back then, I went to my trusty trades that I bought about 20 years ago.


Nice! :sunglasses: :+1:

The next time I will read through the whole story might be the omnibus I got for it. :clark_hv_4:

I’ll have to be careful though as I can’t help myself when I read Superman #75 with how it gets me. :sweat_smile:


That was a lot more emotional than it should have been. Like I know it is coming. The same scene gets me in both animated movies.


I’ve never read this event before - how accurate is the order of issues on the link you posted? I was actually waiting to read this when I get my softcover issue for being a DCUI Ultra subscriber but this event/anniversary sounds like a good time to read it and it’ll be a nice addition to my #DCemberToRemember.


That is the whole shebang and in order!



Awesome - thanks!


I was mostly reading X-men at the time but I picked up the trade paperback when it came out and I loved it. Steel was my favorite. I picked up his solo series for a while, and then that was my only DC experience until I saw Wonder Woman a few years back.

I am really eyeing that omnibus…