The DCUniverse App Rules!!!

The DC Universe App was already the best thing since sliced bread…Now with this latest announcement they’ve just added the PB&J!!!

I. Love. It.


Agreed! Comics are the main thing I want out of my subscription, so adding the full digital catalogue is fantastic!
Now if they would just add an Xbox app.


That is not an opinion Tawala it’s a fact

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Or a PS4 app. I almost wonder if they have some exclusivity contract with the platforms it IS on already and can’t release anything until those are up.

@SERPrtf2 Nope. It’s just a very lengthy process getting it all up and going for each device added. Bringing the DC Universe service to additional devices such as Ps4 and Xbox is certainly on the agenda! :blush:

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Excited to hear you guys are excited! We are just as elated to be able to offer this to you guys!!!

This is literally the best deal in comics right now. I’ve been bouncing off the walls for hours now. Having the entire DC library wherever I go was a fantasy I had for years. I can‘t believe it’s finally real.

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