The DCEU Special Thanks Credit: Why It Matters

In all of the DCEU movies so far, one of the very last credits for each movie is that of Special Thanks.

This credit respectfully pays tribute to people from the comic book world (and other mediums on occassion) that were responsible for creating or heavily influencing a variety of the things seen in each movie.

Why does this matter? Because it’s a respectful way of acknowledging the works of those who paved the way for each movie to exist.

Man of Steel doesn’t exist without the work of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster creating Superman, the Wonder Woman movie is nothing without the output of Charles Moulton Marston and Harry G. Peter, to name but a few examples.

I’ve always admired the “Save the best for last” approach of the Special Thanks credit ending each DCEU flick. Sure, the work of everyone involved in the production of the movies themselves is great and deserves acknowledgement. That’s a given.

However, that work and effort is all for naught without the material (and the legends that created it) that inspired the movies that gave those folks their particular jobs in the first place.

Rather than being shoehorned into a random spot in the credits as comic book based movies from other studios do time and again in an admittedly disrespectful fashion, which results in nothing more than the studio(s) effectively saying “There. They got credit fanboys/girls. Ya happy? Now leave us alone and let us collect our money on this movie.”, WB has taken a respectful manner in acknowledging the Masters of The Craft, without whom there would be no material for DC movies to exist in the first place.

I always look forward to the Special Thanks credit myself. It’s fun to see who gets the Mention of Mentions for each DCEU movie.

Your thoughts?


Could not agree more. Always love seeing them get credit

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Indeed. Especially when personal favorites get mentioned.


I’m glad to see it. Batman is more than just Kane&Finger

Adams, O’Neil, Schwartz, Miller, Burton, Adam West have all played a substantial part in Batman history and mythos.

I think Marv Wolfman summed it up best “you get to take them, play with them, and just be careful not to break them.”


@DeSade Right you are. Good Wolfman quote too.

@Vroom, Agreed. Give credit where credit is do.