The DC Teen Humor Thread

Okay, here’s a poll for y’all. Archie Andrews has fallen though a portal between realities and now finds himself on Earth DCH (DC Humor), where all of DC Comics’ humor characters live. Worse, a rift in time has occurred on Earth DCH so that all of DC Comics’ humor characters are now existing at the same time. Bereft of his beloved Betty and Veronica, Archie is desperate for a date. So which DC Comics humor girl would he ask out?

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Judy would probably remind Archie a bit of Veronica and I think he’ll like that. The chaos, not so much.

Peggy reminds me of the girl next door variety of Betty. The cover makes her look so sweet.

I don’t know Debbi. But she looks so much fun, and she has a quirky style! I don’t know about Archie choice, Debbi seems looks like a friend than a date. More of a Jughead to me. But I probably would love to date someone like Jughead and Debbi. Lol

Oh my god, I got to search up Marcia!

She. Looks. Amazing! :heart_eyes:
Just from this image I’m reminded of Laurieine, another character I have a crush on.

I don’t think Archie would date Marcia because he would be like me and not have the confidence to ask her out. :rofl:


Stanley and His Monster was drawn by Bob Oksner, who had a knack for drawing pretty girls! It’s no wonder Marcia is so attractive, then. Anyway, given Archie asked out Veronica (who is also a total doll), he might be able to muster up the courage to ask Marcia out!


Debbi is just Archie in drag, and I think he’d be weirdly intrigued by that


It’s a shame internet Archive appears to have only one issue with Date with Debbi. Would love to read more because it’s appears Debbi slightly more interesting than Judy with her already broken up with her love interest/BF at the start of the series.



That is cool. It reminds me of something similar Archie did in Katy Keene.


Anyone familiar with Archie Comics from the Sixties and Seventies will recognize that they were all drawn with the same house style developed by Dan DeCarlo. The artwork in Archie didn’t look any different from the artwork in Josie and The Pussycats. In contrast, DC Comics teen humor books from the same era used different styles.

Here’s Leave It to Binky no. 64 (January 1969) by Bob Oksner. It’s done in the same style Bob Oksner used on Adventures of Jerry Lewis, Stanley and His Monster, and other DC humor books.

This is Date with Debbi no. 12 (December 1970). The cover is by Henry Scarpelli, who drew in a style closer to Archie Comics. In fact, he later worked for Archie Comics, including work on the Archie newspaper strip.


One of my favorite A Date with Judy covers, no. 40 (May 1954).