The DC moments that give you chills, goosebumps, and the like.

Some good ones already! Now to add some not already mentioned…

Smallville Season 4 episode Crusade: Clark takes flight for the first time (being reprogrammed as Kal-El)

Smallville Season 4 episode Transference: The prison riot scene where Clark and Lionel face each other in each other’s bodies

Smallville Season 4 episode Commencement: The stones come together to form the fortress of Solitude

Smallville Season 6 episode Justice: Clark, Ollie, Arthur, Bart and Vic cool-guy walk away from an explosion and give a first glimpse at the Justice League

Smallville Series Finale: “Always hold on to Smallville” (or something like that)

Justice League Unlimited: Destroyer: Superman vs Darkseid speech “I live in a world made of cardboard, always afraid to hurt someone, you can take it can’t you big guy…now’s the time for me to show you just how powerful I really am”

Justice League Unlimited: Question Authority (i think): When the Question finally confronts Lex Luthor “Do you know how much power I would I have to give up to be president?!”

Young Justice Season 2 “Depths”: When everything is revealed at the end “It only gets harder from here”

Arrow Season 1 “Sacrifice”: Besides just the entire episode itself, the moment Ollie kills Fyers/his first kill

Arrow Season 2 “Three Ghosts”: Tommy’s spoiler appearing to Oliver “you are a hero…so fight Oliver, get up and fight back!”

Arrow Season 5 “Kapushion”: “I WANTED TO!! AND I LIKED IT!!!”

Arrow Season 5 “Lian Yu”: THE ENTIRE EPISODE but probably the moment the flashbacks circled back to the pilot!

The Flash Season 1: “ Out of Time” When Barry time travels for the first time!

The Flash Season 1: “Fast Enough” THE ENTIRE EPISODE but probably the moment that Eddie SPOILER

The Flash Season 2: “The Fury of Firestorm” King Shark’s reveal and Harry from Earth 2!


Good stuff kids!

Who else has some favorites? Step right up and speak!

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The visual of Rorschach’s mask, perfectly executed in the Watchmen movie :scream:

Batman’s warehouse fight scene in BvS, arguably the greatest of his fight scenes from any of his films…

Superman’s initial return in JL- he was not messing around


Superman gets repowered at the end of Reign of the Superman.

The end of New Frontier set against the backdrop of JFK’s speech.

Batman’s final confrontation with Ras Al Ghul in Batman Begins.

Wonder Woman crossing no man’s land.


Way too many to count, so I’ll share the first two that popped into my head:

-Barry recognizing Wally in Rebirth Special #1. (Yes, I cried.)

-I’m sitting in the theatre, waiting for my first viewing of The Dark Knight. The Watchmen movie trailer starts up. The music swells as we see Archie (the Owlship) break out of the water. I can’t stop shaking.


Bane breaking Batman back, then throwing him off the roof.

Anytime the lantern corp is under siege and they have to say the oath.

When Aquaman had give superman those hands and show him what the might of Atlantis, is capable of


Heartwarming- Superman stops a woman from jumping off a building with his words. I think from Superman: Grounded Maybe
Batman stays with Ace as she dies. Justice League Unlimited season 2 episode 26.

Sad- Roy Harper’s funeral. Green Arrow 45
Roy Harper losing his daughter. Justice League: the rise of Arsenal
Wally West death. Young Justice season 2 episode 20
Beast Boy stuck in his mind. Young Justice season 3 episode 12
Serena leaving Bruce. Batman 50
Young Justice setting up for the Judas contract. (I hate that story)

Chilling- Dark Nights Metal: Dawnbreaker
Dark Nights Metal: Murder Machine
Dark Nights Metal: the Batman Who Laughs
Joker and Harley relationship
Joker killing Jason Todd
Joker paralyzing Barbara Gordon


The season 1 finale of The Flash is such an emotional rollercoaster.


Joker killing Jason Todd
Comedian still alive in Doomsday Clock
The ending of watchmen

Oh so many but let’s see

Supergirl’s heroic sacrifice to save Superman from the Anti-Monitor in COIF#7

Barry Allen selflessly laying down his life to save the Multiverse in COIF#8

The multi-pronged happy ending for all the heroes at the end of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. Some may say it was sappy but it was so life-affirming to see all the sacrifice over the trilogy actually be redeemed.

Terra’s eulogy at the end of THE JUDAS CONTRACT in the comics

Batman and Robin running into the screen while backlit by the Bat-signal at the end of BATMAN FOREVER

The lenses falling down over Batman’s eyes in THE DARK KNIGHT…so wonderfully comic booky

A noble protector…a silent guardian…a dark knight

The Batman '66 show opening

The Superman cartoons made by Fleischer Studios

The Lynda Carter Wonder Woman theme song

Thug: Where are you?
Batman: …Here

Wonder Woman dropping down to save Batman from Doomsday’s heat ray with her new theme song kicking in in BVS

Superman holding forth his hand to the children in the cancer ward as the shrunken Kandorians fly out to cure them in ALL-STAR SUPERMAN

“The never-ending battle…” scraped on a stone by Superman at the end of SUPERMAN PRIME

The first photo of Henry Cavill as Superman released to the public for MAN OF STEEL

Cyborg: The ride ain’t over yet
Aquaman: My man

The last words Steve Trevor spoke to Diana in WONDER WOMAN

The opening and closing credits of SUICIDE SQUAD along with the soundtrack

Perry White and Steve Lombard struggling to save Jenny from the World Engine while Superman slowly stands up under the gravitational force of it on the other side of the world

Zod: You think your son is safe? No. I will find him. I WILL FIND HIM!!!

Lex’s rooftop monologue in BVS

Superman: Did you find the spear?
Batman: (exasperated) I’ve been busy

The Trinity standing tall and fearless in BVS

The opening animation of JUSTICE LEAGUE: DOOM

All the fight scenes in CRISIS ON TWO EARTHS

V’s last stand against Creedy and his thugs in V FOR VENDETTA

The opening credits of WATCHMEN

Sorry this list is so long but durn if I don’t love this stuff