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Down for renovation

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Shame on anyone who pirates media. :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:

Warning: joke

I don’t really fit that poll, On Wednesdays I usually buy what I don’t think will be on here, and wait for DCU on the other stuff. I’ll know who Leviathan is in a year!

I am kinda a mix. I prefer physical copies. I used to go by what local libraries had so I was a little behind. With the app, I am a little more up to date. I purchase only those series I really enjoyed.

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All of the above, minus the one and then the other. :wink:

I checked one, but it’s really multiple of the options listed.


This was the hardest poll to write–

I have changed the questions, slightly–

It’s 'sposed to echo the 'How do you watch your CW shows poll a little…

Maybe I should have just gone for a more in-depth version from the get-go.

When setting up a poll, the Poll Type: Multiple Choice, will allow us to select all that apply.

I think single choice worked very well for the How do you watch your CW show poll because most people watch it just one way.

I loved your options for this poll, it’s just that multiple of them apply for me.

Keep up the polls @MisfitH ! I’m a big fan of your polls.

@MisfitH This was kind of a hard one to definitively answer. Like @JLWWSM, I picked one choice, but in reality, my comic fingers are in multiple pies, so I selected the option that suited me best.

@JLWWSM @Vroom

I’ve been thinking about mixing in the multiple choice… truthfully, I have yet to even experiment with that function :woozy_face:


Get to it. We’ll wait. :smile_cat:

I kid, I kid.

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Some heroes are created from the cosmic legends of the universe!

Who’s adventures did you read as a child?

  • Batman
  • Wonder Woman
  • Superman
  • Aquaman

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I actually didn’t read comics until I was an adult but I’m very curious to see the results of this poll as they come in.


I picked all four, cuz it’s true. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Reading comics isn’t just an adventure, it’s our way of life!


Rad polling @MisfitH. :metal:

I remember buying comics at Woolworth’s when I was a tot. Good 'ol spinner rack…

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I didn’t start reading until I watched TV shows… but I suppose it was mostly Justice League… maybe more Batman because Neal Adams.

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All joking aside, when a friend was asking me in earnest about the amount of time I spend in comics fandom and why, after some thought I said

“It’s kind of like being an Ancient Greek in the time the Mythology was live, kind of knowing it wasn’t likely literal. It’s the mythology, for many of the same reasons.”