The DC Comics Encyclopedia

I just picked up The DC Comics Encyclopedia New Edition and have been reading it nonstop! I got it at a great price and it has a beautiful wraparound cover. This encyclopedia is from 2021 which means it’s nice and updated because I have the old 2016 version. My favorite part of the book is that it has a roll call section near the end that includes all the smaller, side characters that aren’t big enough to have a main page but still gives good information about them. Sadly though the Condiment King does not get his own page even though he is the best Batman villain :sweat_smile:. Jokes aside, I love learning about smaller characters I might have never know about and gives me the drive to read some comics about them. So my question to the community is: do you guys/girls have a DC character encyclopedia and do you read it to learn as well?

P.S. Sorry if this was a long post.


A DC encyclopedia would be really cool to have, but it’d also be frustrating since there are constantly new versions being released to account for all the recent updates. I’d love getting to read through the latest version, but in a few years it’d feel obsolete. Of course I don’t wanna knock the encyclopedias in general, it’s just my personal feelings on them

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I own the 2016 encyclopedia as well as the 85-87 Who’s Who and a few updates. I enjoy reading much of those aswell and learning more about those characters just for the sake of learning and knowing.

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