The DC Brand in 2020: What Are You Looking Forward To Most?

As 2019 gradually winds down over the next month and change, what are you most anticipating from the DC brand in 2020?

I’m excited for:

-milestone anniversary issues (Wonder Woman #750, The Flash #750 and any others that come along)
-85th anniversary commemoratives/commemorations
-Crisis on Infinite Earths 35th anniversary commemoratives (the Crisis on Infinite Earths 100 Page Giant books, for example)
-the goings-on of the Superman line (especially after Superman’s upcoming reveal)
-James Tynion IV and Tony Daniel on Batman
-Robert Venditti and Doug Mahnke on Justice League
-the return of the JSA
-more Legion of Super-Heroes
-whatever the oft-talked about Crisis ends up being
-whatever 5G ends up materializing into
-the return of WildC.A.T.S.

-Wonder Woman 1984
-all of the announced titles for the DC Universe Original Movie line (in particular Justice League: Apokolips War)

-more Watchmen (bar none, the best DC show right now)
-the rumored Superman and Lois CW show
-all DC Universe Original shows
-more of DC Super Hero Girls
-the CW Seed Deathstroke series

-action figure output from assorted companies (chief among them, McFarlane Toys, Spin Master and DC Collectibles)
-DCU exclusive action figures (a Wish List item more than anything)

-HBO Max (yes, it will offer alot more than DC content, but it will also offer DC content, so I’m counting it)
-the continued evergreen health and well-being of the DC Universe service

What are you getting jazzed/hyped up for from DC in the coming new year?


The Snyder Cut. :stuck_out_tongue:
(couldn’t resist)

Wonder Woman 1984.


Gal’s next adventure is a good start. Anything else? Bruce doesn’t hand out grants for just one thing, Mr. Knox.

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Well, I guess I’m looking forward to Tom King’s Batman/Catwoman book, but that’s kinda like saying, “I’m glad they gave you a desk job instead of firing you outright.”


gives @AlexanderKnox a grant

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Nice talking with you, Vroom!

Superman fans. Do you know why they’re so odd? It’s because they can afford to be.

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I bought your grant in Japan.

Knox, can you guess what my con/Halloween costume for next year will be?

King of the Wicker People

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Among all the new stuff coming out, I’m just really excited to finally have all 12 issues of Doomsday Clock in one collection


@arkhamassassin I forgot about Doomsday Clock #12, probably because it should have come out this year. Thank you for the reminder.

edits his list

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It is coming out this year…in mid-December. I’m just focusing on the full trade for next year

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Son of a Billy Block!

edits his list, again

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Looking forward to
Movies: Wonder Woman 1984, more than any movie coming in 2020
Television: Doom Patrol, other DCU shows may be good, this show is brilliant
Comics: The return of the JSA; Tynion and Daniel on Batman and Venditti and Mahnke on JL (I like both current runs, but it’s time for something new)
Me: watching, reading and just generally bathing in DC content

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Beautifully well said, and GLC-Approved.

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I couldn’t tell you how thrilled I was to see that Batman and Justice League were still double shipped, and then Venditti was writing Justice League. I trust him to run the title.

Hell Arisen should also be a lot of fun!

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Hell Arisen does sound entertaining.

Is Year of the Villain going to continue on until next May? I had originally thought it was just for the majority of this year, but based on recent Amazon solicits for trades coming out far into next year, it seems like it will indeed run a year (or longer).


  • Bendis continuing his Superman story.
  • Tom King’s Bat/Cat book.
  • The rumored Black Label books for Clark, Bruce, Diana, et al, if the 5G rumors are true.


  • Wonder Woman 1984.
  • Hopeful for some kind of Superman movie announcement from WB.
  • Hopeful for JJ Abrams DC movie news, especially if Superman or Justice League.


  • Superman & Lois. This is probably what I’m most excited about, generally speaking from DC. Hope it gets picked up.
  • All the new seasons from CW and DCU.


  • New Superman and Wonder Woman figures from Sideshow.
  • The Batman Supreme Knight figure from Mezco.
  • Whatever McFarlane is bringing to the table.

Solid choices @moro!

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@moro JJ Abrahams on Superman would be great news.


Hbo max being available