The DC Animated Universe Master Playlist

Hey everyone!

Check out the current list, and help refining the list and filling in some missing parts would be awesome.

Batman: The Animated Series (2 seasons, 1992-1995)
The New Batman Adventures (2 seasons, 1997-1999) *
Superman: The Animated Series (3 seasons, 1996-2000)
Batman Beyond (3 seasons, 1999-2001)
Justice League (2 seasons, 2001-2004)
Justice League Unlimited (2 seasons, 2004-2006)

I need some help from the community, I know there were some animated movies that would fall in between some of the series, and I’m not 100% sure I know how “The New Batman Superman Adventures” falls in the list. It was a mix of re-runs but did have some new content, right? Then there’s the * above, “The New Batman Adventures” is missing from the DC Universe streaming service altogether. Hoping that gets added soon as it’s critical in the lineup.

I’m probably missing a few other things, let’s collaborate and perfect this list. I’m sure it would be helpful to others.

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