The Daily Digital First Titles: What Do You Think?

For nearly two months now, DC has been publishing a variety of Digital First books under the Daily Digital First heading.

Titles are published on a weekly basis, with each day of the week seeing at least one new release, and each book retailing for $0.99 (less for Comixology Unlimited members). While the line started out as digital-first reprints of content from the current 100 Page Giant titles, it has since gone on to feature some content that truly is debuting in digital first.

At this time, the current lineup of titles (along with their day of release) is:

● Aquaman: Deep Dives (Thursday)
● Batman: Gotham Nights (Tuesday)
● Birds of Prey: Sirens of Justice (Wednesday)
● DC Superhero Girls: Infinite Frenemies (Saturday, prior to the debut of Teen Titans Go!: Booyah!)
● The Flash: Fastest Man Alive (Friday)
● Harley Quinn: Make 'Em Laugh (Wednesday)
● Superman: Man of Tomorrow (Monday, prior to the debut of World’s Finest: Batwoman and Supergirl)
● Swamp Thing: New Roots (Sunday)
● Teen Titans Go!: Booyah! (Saturday)
● Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace (Wednesday)
● World’s Finest: Batwoman and Supergirl (Monday)

Have you picked any of these up, and if so, what are your thoughts on them?

Are you reading any of the other current Digital First titles, such as Batman: The Adventures Continue, DCeased: Hope at World’s End and/or Teen Titans Go to Camp (which is also published on a weekly basis, with select issues selling for $0.99, while others are free)?

Drum up some dandy Daily Digital First thoughts down below!


Naturally, I want to read the titles pertaining to the big three. I also would like to check out the World’s Finest one with Supergirl and Batwoman. Had a bunch of 'em in my Comixology cart, but didn’t pull the trigger. Not sure if the weekly schedule is for me. I may wait for DC to collect them in digital volumes…or I may still buy the singles. Decision pending :slightly_smiling_face:.


From one Superman nerd to another @moro, you owe it to yourself to read Superman: Man of Tomorrow.

It’s fun, the stories are self-contained and Paul Pelletier’s artwork is pretty darn badass.

Easily the best solo Superman book at the moment.

It can also be read in print via Superman Giant, with #4 hitting better Walmarts (and comic stores afterward) in just a few weeks or so.


High praise. Ok… next Comixology spree I’ll add ‘em :slightly_smiling_face:.

FYI, they are having a DC Super Sale right now on books with “Super” in the title.


Indeed. Many a good deal o’er yonder.

I won’t lie. I’m a little disappointed. A lot of DCs actions over the last few months have indicated a push toward more digital content. I’m totally fine with that, but I’m sad to not be seeing any characters outside of Superman I would read. Most of the titles I’ve read over the last 15 years have settled into the 15K-25K of monthly sales. I had hoped to see some lesser known characters getting some love.

For me if there is a hard focus on the big three (and classic League members like Aquaman) then I’ll be reading less. :pensive:

Give me something with Jesica Cruz, Mister Teriffic, or Steel. Mix it up a bit.

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Steel is long, long overdue for a new starring gig, be it in the core DC Universe line, the Digital First line or wherever.

Personally, I’d love to see him get a book in the Earth One line.

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They’re good stuff. I like that the stories are self-contained and while I love the shared aspect of the DCU as a whole, it’s nice to play in each sandbox without having to read a bunch of other stories and worry about which order to read them in, etc.

I’ve bought and enjoyed pretty much all of them.

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I’m pretty much enjoying them all, but have a quibble or two. Namely Iris’ visual portrayal in Flash, Fastest Man Alive. How she is visually represented tells me the series is not set in the main DC universe. Then there’s the latest issue of Batman: Gotham Nights (#7). If Killer Moth was in his early 20’s at the start of his and Batman’s respective careers, as stated in the flashback, and he is now at least in his 60’s then he’s been operating for 40+ years! How is it then that Batman is still fairly young? It’s things like this that just make it difficult to enjoy the actual story!

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I usually prefer hard copies over digital but I’ve really enjoyed the Batman stories. They’re short and easy and fun. I like them the same way I really like the giant issues they sell at Walmart.

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Apropos, given that most of the content from these series initially debuted in the 100 Page Giant books, and the content that has debuted digitally will eventually make its way into that line as well.

My favorite title has been Superman: Man of Tomorrow, but the others are quite strong too. I especially enjoyed the Sea Devils tale from Aquaman: Deep Dives.


I haven’t gotten them yet because I have most of the 100 page Giants-- which I’ll probably sell one day at close to cost when the printed-book in your hands urge leaves me. Thanks @Vroom & @Applejack! My intention is to get this digital version in the fullness of time.

The exception is Titans! Where are TItans???

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Titans has so far been the one ongoing Giant title to not be represented in the line.

That said, I’m sure it’s on the horizon. I hope so at least, as Red Hood makes for a good Titan and I’d like for more people to partake in his adventures with the team.

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Robert Venditti is writing “Superman: Man of Tomorrow”. And yes @Vroom, it is the… “best solo Superman book at the moment”. With Bendis leaving the Superman books, let’s hope the highly suspect DC editorial staff sees fit to give Mr. Venditti a crack at one of them.

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Now that these are on this app I’ve been enjoying all these. I love the fact that they are self contained stories. I just caught up on issue 5 of Harley Quinn Black+White+Red and I’m onto Batman Gotham Knights issue 4 and 5.

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Superman: Man of Tomorrow is the only one I’ve read so far, but I am loving it. :slight_smile:


I’m really enjoying Batman:Gotham Nights. The DCeased Digital First is great. On the other hand, Harley Quinn: Black, White, and Red is alright. I only started reading it because I noticed Stjepan Sejic did the first issue, and the rest of the issues I read were fun enough to keep reading it.

Hopefully I can free up some time and get into Superman: Man of Tomorrow :grin: