The CW ruining DC hero’s

Is it just me or is the CW ruining the image of multiple DC hero’s. Bad acting on top of second rate looking stunts. Looks like some sci-fi original channel garbage. Please give that contract to someone else.

Whether you’re a fan of it or not, the important thing to remember is that it brings a lot of new fans to the DCU, myself being one of them. I had read comics before but I had taken a long break from them until watching Gotham and then Flash and realizing how much I loved this stuff and got back into it. I agree it could always be better but they’re already pretty successful shows, maybe they just know more than us about how to reach that different audience. That audience being people who aren’t already comic book fans but are fans of live action dramas. That being said, I know it’s important for DC to try things like this to reach new audiences but I agree it would be nice to have something a little more fan service to preexisting fans.

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I just think they need new actors and to vamp up the cinematic part. Like I said it feels like a bad sci-fi series. Meaning it has a great story just bad cinematics.

They’re not my favorite takes either, but considering how successful these shows are, I don’t think I can really say they’re being “ruined.”


They could definitely do with a bigger budget. They are not DCs biggest names but easily big enough that they should be able to go head to head with the properties that Netflix are pouring money over.

But everything said, even without the budget they have the heart and I consistently watch them before I watch the expensive Netflix shows, so they are soing well as far as I’m concerned.


There are obviously going to be limits for a network trying to pull something like this off, but I’ve found a lot more to love than hate over the years. I’m really just in awe at the scope of the whole universe and all the characters/worlds they’ve been able to bring to life, especially throughout Crisis


I cannot disagree more! Let’s go by this point-by-point:

First, the CW is ruining the image of multiple heroes? Well, which heroes? Some specificity might help your case.

You say there is bad acting on these shows? I disagree. Let’s take The Flash for example: Grant Gustin is a fantastic actor. Yes, he pulls off the heroic moments of The Flash spectacularly, but he can also dig in deep and make you feel those moments where someone he loves dies in front of him. Grant Gustin makes a lot of small choices that really flesh out Barry as a character. These are things a “bad” actor isn’t capable of. Even the additional cast members on these shows like David Ramsey on Arrow or Jesse L. Martin on Flash, even Rachel Skarsten on Batwoman give amazing performances that can make you pump your fists, break your heart or scare you.

You say the stunts are second-rate. Absolutely untrue. Arrow has some of the best stunt people working today. There was a Lexi Alexander episode a couple of seasons ago that had an amazing fight scene done in one take. They have great choreographers who not only make sure the stunts look amazing, but are safe for all those involved, too.

The cinematography is excellent for network shows. Each show has their own look and flavor. That’s not easy to do, by the way. When you’re working with a budget, when you’re bound to 22-24 episodes a season and with numerous special effects, plus the big crossovers, you really have to pay attention to how your show is going to come across. Now, I’ve noticed some shows have cut down to about 12-13 episodes, which is why you’re seeing the production values/effects increase per episode, so that’s an added bonus.

I’ve seen people say “Well, just increase the budget” Okay, where is that extra money going to come from? Again, we’re dealing with shows with large casts, numerous special effects and so on. Plus, with shows like Black Lightning, Batwoman and the upcoming Superman and Lois Lane, money is being spread out. So again, where is this fabled extra money for an increased budget coming from?

I think it comes down to the stigma of being a “CW show” and all the unnecessary baggage that comes with it. I don’t understand it. I remember when Smallville was on and it was known as a “WB show” and suddenly that made it bad? Nope. The show lasted ten years. It even survived when the WB became the CW. Not a lot of shows can say that. And without that show, we wouldn’t have the interest in comic book shows that gave birth to Arrow, which in turn gave birth to the Arrowverse shows.

Hell, look at this year’s crossover and what they were able to accomplish. We got a massive story but we also got nods to DC movies and television’s past.

It’s not my intention to change anyone’s mind, because that’s an unrealistic expectation, but to say actors should be replaced and a whole stunt team who work their tails off does them and the people working on these shows a huge disservice. Nothing is “ruined” unless you allow yourself to think that. I think the Arrowverse shows deserve more credit and respect than you’re giving them.


For free shows, I think the CW is doing just fine. If it was HBO or some other paid service, then I would expect bigger budgets.


Hey I respect your opinion but I want to say that you mentioned smallville and that’s a good point. I think smallville was one of the best tv shows out there it was a first of its kind. Explored the whole backstory of a superhero not just a top notch super hero save the day scenario over and over like the 70s Wonder Woman which was a good show to. However my point is that some of these new superhero movies specifically to me batwoman looks like Smallville when they do fight scenes and such. Which is bad considering smallville was in the early 2000s and Batwoman is in 2020. I feel at this point it should look a lot better than what it does. Not that the show itself is bad it’s just not as good as it should be I don’t feel like we are getting the best with some of these CW shows.

Ok that’s actually a good point I didn’t really think about. The CW is basically free TV but I still feel something like Merlin or smallville should not look the same as a 2020 TV show when those two shows were in the 2000s they are flat lining tv show quality you want to improve even if it’s just by a little.

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Actually watching Smallville right now as I type this. I would say special effects/action have improved since 2000-2010. Maybe watch an episode of Smallville and then maybe one from the Flash or Supergirl. I think you’ll see the incremental improvement you’re looking for. It’s easy to overlook given how spoiled we are with big budget movies nowadays :slightly_smiling_face: