The CW Just Declined Its Contract With Netflix

The CW just declined to renew its exclusive contract with Netflix to stream their shows eight days after their season finales. This means that we could possibly see the Arrowverse stuff on DC Universe, if not the WarnerMedia streaming service.

Cross your fingers!


The Deadline article I read said Batwoman was earmarked for the new WarnerMedia service and not here.


doesn’t their presence on Netflix increase DC’s exposure to non-fans/create more fans?

The article suggested that but there is no guarantee, @jeffbg51.13834

Would love to see the Arrowverse on DCU, but if this is true then guessing it means going on Warner’s streaming service. If they are wanting to try and compete with Netflix or even Disney+ seems hard to believe they would not take advantage if properties that do so well on Netflix. But would love to be wrong and it go to DCU, or maybe it isn’t out of the question for them to stream them on both.

Ok just read this…

“Netflix will continue getting new seasons of shows they already have, which includes Riverdale, Flash, and Dynasty, and past seasons of CW series that premiered through the current 2018-2019 season will continue to stream on Netflix during the broadcast life of the series and beyond.”

Based on that, would imply the current Arrowverse shows will continue to air new seasons on Netflix. Just that the future ones will be shopped around individually, which doesn’t rule out even Batgirl going to Netflix, just that it won’t be automatic like CW shows have been.

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I already posted a thread down below about this news. This does not affect the current Arrowverse shows. They will stay on Netflix until they end their runs. If affects new shows like Batwoman. That will be shopped to the highest bidder. But it’s still possible Netflix could pick them up, although slim.

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I guess it’s time to watch the CW shows one last time before they are removed.

@djariya1973 as has been said above, the good news is that at least as long as the shows are running (and some time past that) the current Arrowverse shows will be staying on Netflix. Just don’t assume Batwoman will stay on there.

Eventually the DC Universe should be home to all DC TV shows past and present, but I really hope all of the Arrowverse can be in one place for easier watching. So I hope Netflix picks it up, since it doesn’t sound like the rest of the shows are going to be moving to the DCU any time soon, which is a poor choice. That would really raise the profile of this place.

put them all over here

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That makes no sense to have a crossover missing batwoman so if current crossover this fall including batwoman we will have to find batwoman on another service

@Davidbizzarr Netflix always has the option to negotiate Batwoman separately, and a deal like that definitely feels valuable enough for them to pursue.

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What doesn’t make sense to me is why Warner Bros. can’t have the shows on this service as well as their own. They make money either way.

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It seems like we will have to pay for WB service plus DC Universe to get everything we want

Most people are already paying for multiple things to get everything they want, so one more doesn’t change much IMO.

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The article I read also said Netflix wasn’t out of luck; they would have to bid on the various shows as opposed to getting them as part of any agreement.


#AnerdWonder what you said is true but it appears to me that WB may be beginning to see what the AT&T merger means and who will be calling the shots.

@Davidbizzarr1000 That’s how it works withe everything. Disney+ will not have every Marvel movie move over there, and if Marvel fans have not seen them all the current Netflix Marvel shows will not be on there either. And Runaways will still be on Hulu as will likely Cloak and Dagger given they seem to have a deal with Freeform. So Marvel fans will have to own Hulu, Netflix and Disney+ to get everything they want. And the truth is in most cases people will pay for all of them, yes not everyone as some people are on a budget and might have to let something go, but the days of having most everything from different companies all on one or two services… enjoy it while you still can… the fun is almost over. I don’t like it either but that’s just the way it is. And in truth as I said most people will buy both over not watch one of them and figure “what’s an extra 8 dollars a month”, so most companies will not think “well we MUST move everything to one place… and lose money.”

In time when current deals expire maybe there will be a case of everything DC or everything Marvel or everything Disney animated being in one convenient place. But that isn’t happening any time soon, it’s just the way it is.

As for Batwoman on Warner Streaming, here, Netflix or Tubi TV… everything now is speculation. Warner’s streaming hasn’t even announced a launch date yet… or much of anything. And Batwoman’s season hasn’t started… and won’t be streaming anywhere until sometime after the 2019/2020 season ends… which is a year away minimum before it goes anywhere. It may be on both who knows (although given how streaming is working now that seems unlikely) or Netflix might throw a bunch of money and it will go there despite them having their own service… if everything made by DC isn’t on here then why do people think everything made by Warner will go there and only there. I doubt anyone knows where it is going right now, it is too soon to tell so think people should calm down on the complaining about it going to Warner, not on Netflix, not on here etc until we know… anything. Or heck, at least until the first episode has aired.

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I wasn’t complaining but Batwoman being on Warner feeds the speculation that DCU may become an add on to an overall service. However you are correct in that it’s too early to know or get upset about.