THE CREEPER in Harley Quinn the series!

Who they really need to bring into this Harley series is THE CREEPER!!! :grin: He was a real riot back in the Batman animated series and having the BIG HOTS :heart_eyes: for Harley, that’s what we need to see AGAIN for this show! :joy: Does anybody else wanna see that happen?


Yo, watching the creeper episode and him just kissing and trying to eat Harley was so uncomfortable lmao


It was actually funny to me! lol

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That’s what made it so much fun. He is completely oblivious because he’s The Creeper. So it seemed so in character for him.

I’d love to see him make an HQ Animated appearance. His character would fit in with the show so well. I totally love to see him come in and have Ivy fall for him and break things off with Kite-Man. Hell yeah, I’d love to see that twist if the knife.

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I actually just want for him to be stalking & lusting after HARLEY like he did before! :joy: I really hope they see this and do it for the series soon.

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Well we know season 2 is “in the can” but maybe we’ll get the Creeper in season 3.

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I hope so, I just also hope they be looking over community conversations over the web like this.