The Cover Design Appreciation Thread

Cover art gets all the love, but I thought we could use this thread to highlight our favorite cover designs: the composition of the elements on the page. The placement of the characters and objects, a classy title font, or even just a nice use of borders or frames. I particularly intend on focusing on series of covers that have a linked/unified design, but anything that says “great design” to you is fair game, even if it’s just a single issue. Some examples to start:

Batman and Superman: World’s Finest (1999). I love the U-shaped frame, the pencil-thin title font (does anyone know the name of that font?)… the whole thing just screams “prestige”.

DC pulled the same trick the next year with Legend of the Hawkman (2000). These almost look like stained-glass windows:

Twilight (1990). Very art deco.

JLA: Destiny (2002). I just love the combination of the monotone color, the face close-up, the large “JLA” letters running down the left side, forming a right angle with “Destiny”.

The JSA (1999) #73-81 / Justice Society of America (2007) #2-10 Alex Ross portrait covers. The Alex Ross art is nice, of course, but the spotlight focus on a single character against a stark black background really makes these stand out from just about any other on-going series covers I’ve ever seen. I only wish there’d been complementary covers for the JLA (1997) / Justice League of America (2006) series. These would make really nice posters. Does anyone know if DC ever sold these as posters?

Last one for now: Superman & Batman: Generations II. Looking at these objectively, you might say they’re very busy, almost too busy. But I just love 'em. I think they’re my favorite comic covers of all-time. There’s just so much to take in and so many different things to look at. They’re a kaleidoscopic feast for the eyes. I could just stare at them for hours.

From the spooky font to the contrasting colors, this cover oozes classic horror.


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The stories in that one are pretty good too! Constantine’s story is one of my favorites.

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