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Hey you all. I am a new member here and I am so glad I found this community. Been a DC fan for years and it’s cool to have a place that is all DC. Between shows, movies, and comics, etc I found another home here in a way!


W00t!! Welcome, welcome! We have a pretty great collection of folks here :slight_smile: And of course, we’ll always happily include a Batgirl fan :wink: If you get a chance, check out our Welcome topic here; it will help demystify some of the setup of the forums:

And of course, we always like to hear a little more about our new friends; so if you have a moment to tell us about yourself, check out our Roll Call thread:

If you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out via Direct Message or our Suggestion Box category :slight_smile: We always have a friendly local moderator standing by!

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As Miss AJ has already done, I would like to welcome you to the community! It’s great to meet new DC fans. I hope your ready for a great experience!
Any specific topics your interested in? We love getting new input and hearing new opinions.

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