The Comic Book Spinner Rack.

The comic book spinner rack. For many of us, it was our go to for comics. Pop into a drug store, grocery store or what have you and there it was, beckoning you to come over for a visit! Metal heaven stocked with four color euphoria.

Do you have any memories of the spinning rack of rapture at your favorite comic haunts? Do you own a spinner rack?


As a kid I just remember stand there spinning the rack waiting with anticipation as I spot my favorite comic book. And yes I would love to have one. There was a kickstarter campaign I found a guy was making them but alas I was too late they were all sold out So I am still looking

I was the same way. Spinning it around in my Woolworth’s was quite fun. A kaleidoscope of comic goodness for sure.

I had 3 spinner racks as a kid growing up in my bedroom. It was pretty awesome. Traded them in to my local comics shop when I went off to college. It was a fun way (if not a great way to keep them in great shape) to store my comics.

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To add to my OP, I have a spinner rack. I bought it from Border’s when they sadly closed. It’s not the rack they put their single issues in (I wasn’t a big fan of their spinner), but one that I was told was used for legal books or some such.

It has three levels that all spin and has absolutely perfect dimensions for traditional size singles issues and trades. I filled it with single issues initially but of the going on eight years I’ve had it, it’s mostly been used for trades.

Anyone else?

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I adore the spinner racks. Even up through the early/mid 2000s, there was one positioned outside of a bodega right before you went under for the subway on Main Street in Flushing Queens. I was getting into the NEW 52 GREEN LANTERN CORPS at the time.

@Vroom my man, the spinner rack is back! Lots of comic book stores now use at least one or two “revamped” restyled spinner racks that are more “collector-friendly” to promote things like young teen comics etc. It’s a lot of fun!!!

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I’ve had my eye out for a spinner rack going fora decent price. I didn’t grow up with comics so I don’t have any gone memories really, but I do just love the aesthetic

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@Don-El The last two comic stores I was a regular at had spinner racks. The first one had The Real Deal. I was In Like Flint with the owners and asked if anyone ever made an offer on the spinner. They said no, but since I was the first to ask I was told I could buy it if they ever decided to sell it.

The second store had a Spinner of Sorts. It had three levels, and four shelves on each level. They loaded from the side and held alot of great 3 for $1 bundles of mostly random material (there were books in sequence on occassion too). It was very rickety though.

They’ve become highly sought out among the collector community. I myself am on the hunt for one… Or dare I say two. God willing. :grin:


Spinner racks seem like a good thing for some small company to make their name on.

I remember seeing an ad for new spinners in Diamond Previews a few years ago. No idea what the name of the company that offered them was or the issue of DP, but I do remember it catching my attention and being surprised that new ones would be in production.

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I just did a Google search and there’s some interesting ones out there……0…1…0…46i275j0i131j46i131j0.4nJl_H3iBRk

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These are crisp new redesigned spinners, and it’s Mighty Diamond Distributing to the rescue:


Notice this is like posted yesterday: the concept is especially strong they are saying if the comic shop has diversified to survive:like have a section of the store devoted to kid’s stuff like science toys or maybe for board gaming / role play games. Put the small footprint spinner rack there to get the non-comics person to reach out and check out the comics…INSIDIOUS!!!

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