The Christopher Reeve Superman Collection

Hey guys, I’m not sure if this is allowed but I’m going to try anyway. I have The Christopher Reeve Superman Collection DVD set that I’d like to offer up to someone. This is a used DVD box set. It has all 4 Christopher Reeve movies and 9 of the Fleischer Studios Superman Cartoons and George Reeves Superman and the Mole-Men. It’s got some special features and whatnot as well. Its a great set but I’ve been gifted another set so I wanted this one to go to someone who will really love it. I could post this in other places but I really love the community here and thought one of you lovely Kryptonians would enjoy it. I don’t want any money for it either. I was going to donate it before I though of trying this and I don’t mind paying for shipping. I guess if there are multiple people interested we can figure out how to decide. I’ll make a decision by 2021-01-08T09:00:00Z and ship it out the next day.

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