The cast of Justice League wants to return, and it's up to us to make it happen!

@inmagno why? John was one of my favorite members from the show removing him from the show would do nothing to help


I think WB knows people really like JL, thats why they made JL vs Fatal Five.

I would love to see the cast return again in animated movies or shows.


Upon reflection, the DCAU has run its course. Time for it to die. DC Animated has moved on and it would be a bad call to do a reunion. Move forward with current stuff and newer timelines. (Timm has said they only used the JLU character designs for JLvF5 as a time saver.)

The “most beloved” voice actors have done these same characters in non-DCAU continuities.

I will send WB a vote that they are better served supporting more current continuities, such as post-flashpoint, which does not fall within the DCAU continuity.

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I would definitely prefer the DCAU 90’s voice actors as oppose to the New 52 actors.

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Most definitely. And as a change of pace how about Hal Jordan take over as a main cast member eh?

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