The Boys on Amazon

So, technically speaking this is a series based on a DC property, kinda… Anyway, it looks ridiculous and funny:


Karl “Red” Urban, “he gives the worst pep talks”, a laughing dolphin and the best Spice Girls song…I’ll give it a whirl. Looks zany and bonkers.

If I recall correctly, I think The Boys debuted under Wildstorm. Comixology Unlimited has several single issues and trades too.

First 6 issues was under Wildstorm, DC dropped it because of the uncomfortable parallels between the 7 and Justice League.

The show is different in that these Boys don’t have superpowers like in the book.

oh I am looking forward to these for sure!Ka

Karl Urban fan here

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Same here bro!


Can’t wait for this!!

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The Boys is one of those Garth Ennis properties that I recognize is good, but just find too disgusting to enjoy reading.

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I’m glad people enjoy it, but I noped out after 4-5 issues. It was just too over the top and racy for racy’s sake IMO.

I have zero interest in the show and I am a fan of Karl Urban.

Never heard of this but was surprised to see it started at DC. The trailer looked fun but if it’s too over the top violent for violence sake, with nothing deeper, I guess skip it. Many more better comic adaptations out there now!

I forgot this was coming out. Looks like it’ll be a fun binge.

Yes, the Boys is too violent, too over the top, too sexual especially Herogasm, demeaning to women and thoroughly enjoyable. We would all like to think that superheroes in real life would be some wonderful thing, but I think that The Boys is closer to what it would be like. The Boys isn’t for everybody, one of the reason I like it, but if you can look past all the gore, foul language, and sex you will find a very interesting book.

I’m curious to see how far they’ll go with this adaptation. There’s so much eff’ed-up content that’s not kosher-friendly, it’d probably be nigh-impossible to get a completely accurate adaptation without offending a good amount of people. It seems they’re sticking with the gore at the very least, so it’s a start. Still, The Boys is one of my personal favorite Garth Ennis series (up there with Preacher, Hitman, and his run on Punisher MAX) and I am interested in giving it a watch.

I’m literally getting Amazon for the 1st time because of the show. I want to read the entire series. I fell off & wasn’t able to keep up. Plus, I love Karl Urban. Great casting in my opinion. I think if Vinnie Jones was younger & a better actor, he’d have been an excellent Butcher.

I finally got around to watching this and so far it has not disappointed. I think it takes a more realistic approach to what would happen if there were people with super powers. The lines between good and evil are blurred and most everyone falls somewhere in between. This show makes Doom Patrol seem tame. Very raw.

It reminds me a lot about the “heroes” in Alan Moore’s Watchmen.

Kingdom Come also pitted traditional heroism against realistic savagery.