The Blue Beetle Appreciation Thread

Booster has his, now Blue has one and The Blue and The Gold set is complete.

Dan Garrett, Ted Kord, Jaime Reyes, talk about whichever you want!


Ted Kord! That son of a```
oh. You mean the comics. I would like all Possible Charlton Action hero comics-- I believe only Peter cannon, Thunderbolt is not owned by DC-- produced digitally-- as has already happened with Captain Atom. But especially Blue Beetle. Steve Ditko’s visuals are pitch-perfect.

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You know what’s really cool? Ted Kord’s Bug. I think I actually like it better than even any of Batman’s vehicles.

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Do you prefer the more tech themed Blue Beetle stories or the more mystical (sacred scarab) Blue Beetle stories? I’ve really only seen some of the tech oriented stuff.

John Rogers’ Blue Beetle #1-25 is one of the most underrated comic runs of the 00s and I urge everyone to check it out.


Much like Booster, I got into Blue Beetle through the JLI comics. I also got to learn about the Dan Garrett version thanks to the DC Cosmic Cards collection. I was a big Ted fan growing up and while I was initially hesitant towards Jaime (Ted’s death was still fresh on my mind at the time) I grew to love him, too. It seems anyone who carries the name Blue Beetle is a-okay in my book.


I’ve known of the Ted Kord BB since I was a kid, but I’d never followed anything Blue Beetle on a consistant basis until the first Jamie Reyes BB book came out.

I read that start to finish along with his New 52 and Rebirth series and have come to really enjoy him as BB.

Fun Fact: Will “Batman Beyond” Friedle played Jaime on Batman: The Brave and The Bold. That was the first animated iteration of Mr. Reyes.

I enjoy blue beetle, it’s a fun character!

I’m a fan of the character and actually prefer both Kord and Reyes. I think a book where they teamed up together would’ve been great. I don’t get why Kord had to more or less, kinda be on the sidelines in the last book with Jaime. He was my one of my mains in Injustice 2 and I hope the character comes back in another solo book soon.

I just remembered that they did team-up in the previous run, but I would’ve preferred for Kord to be in his suit more.

I dug the role of Kord as a mentor to Jamie in the Rebirth series.

Maybe the next BB comic will be called Blue Beetles and it will showcase Jamie and Ted in action together.

Got introduced to the Blue Beetle legacy from Young Justice, where Jaime was my (at the time) second-favorite DC character ever. Since then I’ve read a lot of stuff for Ted and he is definitely among my favorite characters as well. I love the idea of Ted, a Batman style hero in that he uses his genius as his power, but also a down-to-earth person who relies on humor as a sort of way to deal with his stressful life. Beetles are great.

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Love my dude Jaime!

Love me some blue beetle! My favorite is Jaimie for a lot of reasons but the biggest being i think he has the coolest suit (and one of my fav super suits in dc in general)

I love booster and beetles friendship so much but MAN they gotta stop killing off my man Ted

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