The Biggest DC Leak ever! ~~DC Factual Article #1~~ My 2019 April Fools joke

So Applejack and I were talking and she let loose a bunch of things after having talked to a drunk Dan DiDio without making me sign an NDA. (Her fault. Not Mine) So here is a bunch of leaks

  1. EVENT LEVIATHAN that Bendis is writing is an event called The Questioning featuring the top detectives in the world trying to figure out who the Question is working for. The entire story is told from security cameras that the secret villain is looking at. That Villain is Lara - el named Mrs. Pause. It’s a spiritual successor to The Oz Effect. With the epilogue being called The Pause Effect.

  2. GLTAS SEASON 2 is coming but its not what you think it will be. For starters, its a Guy Gardner buddy cop story with Ch’p that finds an fear based Sinestro who agrees to join them to find Hal. Sinestro hopes he can destroy the last of the blue lantern corps after wiping them off the face of the earth but need to kill razor first. Carol will eventually join them and fall in love with Sinestro. The Season Finale will be titans style and end with Sinestro giving Hal a yellow lantern ring before stopping.

  3. THE YEAR OF THE VILLAIN will be a hot mess but all the stories will be fantastic on top of The Questioning, The City of Bane arc that Tom King is writing will result in the breaking of Batman’s back only for him to be saved by Catwoman. Catwoman and Ivy work together to take out Bane. Ivy then becomes the big bad setting the way for Harley Quinn to join the story for the final 25 issues.

  4. JUSTICE LEAGUE (Snyder) will continue with Snyder placing the doornob on a door at the end of the Sixth Dimension arc opening the true door to the sixth dimension. The future of that series will include a tie in to The Questioning asking why The Riddler isn’t part of The Legion of Doom or the greatest detectives.

  5. THE BATMAN WHO LAUGHS will end at issue 12 with The Batman who Laughs being killed by the Superman who Laughs and the Robin who Laughs.

  6. JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK will result in the death of all magic except for one thing. THE DOORNOB!!! A race will unfold between the Justice League Dark and The Legion of Darkness to try to get it first.

  7. WONDER COMICS will end with Young Justice #10 before concluding with Wonder Crisis. This Crisis will result in a new universe like the Marvel Ultimateverse that Bendis will be in charge of. The series are looking great with Tomasi writing a Glorious Supersons comic (Where Jon Kent is 10 years old), Snyder writing The Glorious Nightwing, and Bendis writing The Glorious Captain (about Billy Batson).

  8. CW The Crisis on Infinite Earth retelling will result in the death of everyone but The Green Arrow who will kill himself to end all life only to discover the antimoniter was messing with him and no one but him had died. The end of the series will result in a new reality with reboots. Which will be

The Flash: With a blonde Barry Allen who’s mentoring a gay red headed Wally West. Keiynan Lonsdale’s Kid Flash will be the only one who remembers the old reality but no one will have met him.
Superfamily: A series featuring everyone in Supergirl 10 years older. Jon will be 10 years old and the center of the first season. This is the one Didio was most excited for.
Black Lighting: Isn’t really a reboot keeping the same continuity only now in the same universe with the Arrowverse and Bill Henderson has a son who Black Lightning has agreed to train named Rick Stone (Static Shock)
Wayne: A mini 8 episode series where Damian Wayne is being trained by Talia al Ghul. It ends with him running away and meeting Batman. Sets up a supersons series.
Batwoman: Everything Batwoman currently loved it. Applejack claimed but I don’t believe her that Alex Danvers will fall in love with Kate and Applejack will secretly be a painting in the room where they first make out.
Legends of Tomorrow is done but in its place is a Constantine Single Season series which is also a sequel to Constantine Season 1. Constatine will meet Willoughby Kipling and the two will go on a buddy cop adventure to find Etrigan.

  1. TITANS Titans will introduce the first live action Sandman based on Daniel as Death, along with live action Tim Drake, Cassandra Cain, Captain Marvel Jr., Black fire, and Darkseid. It will end with the removal of the Hive and the opening of a portal to Apokolips.

  2. DOOM PATROL is not getting renewed for a second season but the final episode will end on the right note and conclude the series. The follow up will be a series based on just Cyborg and Robotman with Robotman saying What the f***. Every 10 seconds.

  3. Tom King’s BLUE AND GOLD will be a DCU exclusive comic coming in January 2020 which will feature an even more controverial take where Booster Becomes a Hyper-Masculine Womanizer and Jaime Reyes is taken over by his Scarab. It will be up to Booster Blue and the Gold Beetle to bring everything back to normal.

  4. THE BATMAN MOVIE in the DCEU is a live action version of Long Halloween but the series will feature Ezra Miller going back in time to change to stop Harvey from killing Falcone. Resulting in a sort of reboot of the Worlds of DC.

  5. SWAMP THING will end with Alec meeting Beast Boy and discovering the truth behind the Red. The series will be critically acclaimed but will not recieve a season 2 instead preparing for an Animal Man series based on Morrison’s Animal Man.

  6. THE JOKER movie is bad, but DC hopes it will due as well as Venom.

  7. DC Universe’s COMIC section will be everything you wish for and more featuring an optional 50 dollar extra cost to be able to order Physical Trades for Free and 50% Comixology codes.

  8. DC Universe’s Community Update will include Voice Chat and an ongoing partnership with Hubcity Question to Debut a weekly DC Trivia Night with duplicate prizes to the weekly sweepstakes. MattMcDonald and JLWWSM are also in the talks with DC to come in as full time members of DC Daily with both of them taking over BOOK CLUUUUUUUB!!!

  9. STARGIRL was delayed because the budget on it trippled. The series will be designed to rival the Disney+ Loki series and will be one of the biggest budget TV shows you’ve ever seen. The finale will be Game of Thrones Crazy!!!

  10. 2020 Snyder Event is called Doornob Metal and will result Grey Supermen and Grey Lanterns coming from the Grey Multiverse to color there world with the magic doornob.

  11. Justice League Odyssey will eventual be morphed into the Glorious Universe and be the bridge between the two.

  12. APPLEJACK will be promoted as the head of DC Universe and will rebrand the service as FF Universe for the For Fans Universe. (Okay I made that one up)

  13. APPLEJACK will be replacing Dan Didio and begin the next DC Reboot following Doornob Metal called DC Reborn. The series will tie in the DC Universe TV shows into the Comics and she will begin a DC Universe full integration into DC including the Shop as the only place you can buy DC Comics digitally! DC Universe live streamed Panels every week and a couple of DC Talk Shows including Titans Talk, and The Swamp Thing Thinkers. An Improvational DC Superhero Improv Troop will become a segment on DC Daily and more. It will be a wild ride and I can’t wait to see DC Universe become even bigger.

  14. MARVEL UNLIMITED will be absorbed into Disney+ as the only way for it to compete with DCUniverse. DC and Marvel will begin a new chapter of Rivalries.

That’s all the leaks I have for you. Applejack next time remember your NDA!!! (or don’t I wouldn’t mind)


Edit to 22. Dan Didio is taking over the Marvel Side of Disney+ which is why Applejack knew #22

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HEY! The Question works ALONE, pal.

Except when he works with Renee Montoya.

And Lady Shiva.

And Huntress.

And Superman.

And Blue Beetle.

Or Blue Beetle AND Captain Atom.

And Green Arrow and Batman.

Or Green Arrow and Supergirl.

And the Justice League Unlimited.

And the Mystery Analysts of Gotham.

And the Guild of Detection.

And the Sentinels of Justice.

And LAW: Living Assault Weapons.

And the New Suicide Squad.

And the Trinity of Sin.

But aside from that, he works ALONE!

Oh, and Steel, that one time.

(And Azrael.)



I hope this list is fake for just about every thinkable reason.


It’s funny as some of these sound amazing, while others are garbage love l. Happy April Fool’s!



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@coville you don’t want wonder crisis? I’m shocked!!!

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And DC: call me about that live trivia show. I can write my own questions AND host Scott Rogowski under the table.


:superhero: Up Up & Away! Nice! :sunglasses: Happy April Fool’s Day All! :partying_face:

You almost got me too. Dang

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The amount of effort here is staggeringly throat clenching. Almost got me too. Nice :grinning:


This is why I’m glad I work from home now on April Fool’s Day, why I am no an April Fooler and why I’ll be glad when it’s over. I prefer I be the only kidder the rest of the year.


I honestly think something like 22 is a possibility

I know you’re joking but I would watch the hell out of a Guy Gardner centered GL series.

Im going to be refraining from commenting so I don’t get In hot Waters. But I’d happily answer your question about parts of the DC I missed!

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Nate had me until I said “damn this is long” and I scrolled down to see the comments above LOL.

@brenda There the biggest ever!! It’s extremely deep though touching DCU, DCEU, DC Comics, and CW

@marvel They better be 22 incredible comics though


Hot waters? Scared are you? You know what they say, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. I’m just waking back up, so I need to reread the comments/article if there’s any genuine truth hidden haha