🏆 🏆 The Best of The Best: 2022's Toys, Collectibles and More In Review 🏆 🏆


With 2022 heading into the history books and 2023 soon darkening our doorstep, what were the DC-based toys, collectibles and more (apparel, art prints, media releases, posters, etc) of this year that you most enjoyed?

Was there a particular company that made hit after hit for you?

Maybe just a random one-off from a field you’re not overly into, but you also just couldn’t pass on?

Whether its a toy, collectible and/or whatever else tickles your fancy, chit-chat about your picks for :sparkles: Best of the Best of 2022 :sparkles: below!


Love this thread @Vroom.

I have two items that I know I want to mention here, but let me also take a look at my shelves and figure out what was released when, and I will join you in geeking out over plastic and resin :slightly_smiling_face:.


Thanks, pard.


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Woo! Plastic addicts unite! :fist_right:t2: :fist_left:t2:


Ok so here’s my list, in no particular order. I took pictures off my shelves as they are right now, so excuse the obvious need for dusting.

McFarlane Multiverse Gold Label “Hush” Superman

This is as close as we’ve gotten to a perfect 7” Superman figure, from anyone not just McFarlane. The only downside is the angry head sculpt, which is why I bought two, one to display as intended and one to swap heads and make “perfect”.

McFarlane Super Powers

All of it, because Super Powers is the ■■■■.

McFarlane Page Punchers Superman & Batman.

Love these Lee Bermejo designs.

McFarlane Multiverse Year Two Batman

Points to McFarlane for innovation on this. Not too many companies make an effort to give us something different.

Todd McFarlane Designed Wonder Woman

Love take two of this figure with more accurate Wonder Woman colors. She’s my JL Diana, until Todd decides to give us a vanilla design.

McFarlane Multiverse The Dark Knight Returns Two-Pack

No I don’t like to see them fight, but this set is just too cool.

Tweeterhead Superman Statue (1/6 Scale)

One of my favorite pieces in my collection. Classic Supes done right.

Iron Studios Clark Kent

If I can afford it, I would buy many more pieces from Iron Studios, both DC and non-DC. Happy to have this one though. Just look at the details, the texture on the fabric, the doves, the little glasses. Love it!

And that’s a wrap for 2022’s favorite acquisitions! Till next year :slightly_smiling_face:.


Too cool :batparrot:


A few more picks:

McFarlane Multiverse Joker Dragon

It’s ridiculous & that’s probably why I like it.

McFarlane Multiverse Build-A-Figure Starro

Another creative release from Toddfather. I dislike that I bought 4 figures I didn’t really want to get this thing, but it looks great on the villain shelf.

DC Direct Superman & Flash “Battle Statue”

I don’t have this one, because it was very expensive. They have it marked down to less than half the original asking price on GameStop, so I just ordered it. Why am I mentioning for best of 2022 before actually receiving it? I don’t know; overly excited, I guess :slightly_smiling_face:?


As a Lego fan, I’d like to give a shout out to all the wonderful sets that came out thi-- what’s that? There wasn’t a single DC set released this year? That can’t be right…

I was impressed with McFarlane this year as always,


Ooh, nice picks! I really wanted that Darkest Knight BAF for my villain shelf, but couldn’t get myself to buy the four Flashes to get it. I mean the Speed Metal Flashes actually look really cool, imo, but just don’t really fit in my collection.


Yeah, I’m looking at maybe getting it through a third party (ebay, amazon, a con, etc) if at all. Never been a big fan of BAF, seems like there’s always at least one fig I don’t want and the price tag can really climb fast.


Four of my most faves of 2022 here-

Hot Toys 13" Arkham Knight BG figure :heart_eyes:

DC Multiverse Todd McFarlane B-Man

Mezco’s One:12 Wonder Woman 6" Figure

Neca’s Batman '89 Batarang Replica

Loved adding these all to my collection this year! :smiley: :+1:






Love your picks @DC89 :slightly_smiling_face:. Was the Mezco Wonder Woman a 2022 release? Feels like I’ve had her on display forever. Regardless, it’s a fantastic figure that is worthy of inclusion :+1:


A lot of good choices here.
@DC89 love the hot toys Batgirl.
@moro Hush Superman was an instant pre order for me.
Here are some of my best of 2022 in no paticular order.

Batman - Hush / 3 Jokers Kitbash. The closest I’ll have to a No Mans Land Batman and pretty much my definitive Batman.

Both McFarlane and Mafex Knightfall AzBat


Frankenstien from 7 soldiers of victory was a nice surprise. Hope we get a Klarion in 2023

Speeding Bullets Batman - one of the first comics i ever bought at a kid, and this is a perfect translation from the art. If i ever had to start downsizing my collection, this one stays.

Kyle.Can you tell i grew up in the 90’s yet? Lol

I actually loved the redeigns of the characters for The New Batman Adventures. I hope we get a Nightwing and Mr Freeze. But im happy to at least have Bats and Mr J.

John Constantine. One step closer to Justice League Dark.

Blue Beetle - finally a Charlton character gets some love.

Soloman Grundy. I know its not in scale with the other Arkham figures but to me he’s close enough to a comic version.

Arkham Selina is another favorite this year.


Just stumbled upon this… woah :eyes:


:joy: Collectors and their weird possessions, huh?


I don’t know if this counts, but I received a free Stargirl pen at my local comic convention.


This is very nice. While the quality of the WW statue Moro posted looks a tad better, I don’t like the uniform on that one - far too busy. I’m not a fan of the Murderverse uniform, and doubt I would want to own either, but I do think yours is very nicely done and would easily include it in a top five/top ten list of my own.

I do agree with @moro that some of those page punchers are nice, in particular the Superman one, which I am still chasing down and may just break down and buy directly from Todd later this summer, if they don’t re-release or show up at remaindered/bargain stores.

I also bought this from GS but only at one third off, sadly. It was also frustrating to deal with Game Stop about the delivery of this, it was almost stolen, which would have been highly annoying. They literally have something that retails at $300+ as permissible to be left without requiring a signature! And, they use Fed Ex, which has this nifty and convenient option that allows the recipient to re-direct shipments, if they aren’t going to be home or some such - however, EVEN though this is NOT THE DEFAULT OPTION for shippers, MEANING SOMEONE AT GAME STOP FULFILLMENT MADE THIS CHOICE, they literally greyed out the redirect option for the shipper, meaning Fed Ex was literally forced to dump this package at my apartment complex.

Fortunately, the building maintenance guy was still around, from his morning cleaning, saw the delivery guy just leave the box, and took it, and I went directly home since I got the alert it has been left - about an hour later - and claimed it from him.

And yes, it’s a HUGE A$$ box and I haven’t even opened the sealed interior box yet because I’m about to move at the end of the month.

The Iron Studios CK shirt rip is also very nice, I just would never spend that much money on something like this, $200 is my upper limit. And I’m not sure I would even spend that amount again - perhaps a very VERY nice Tyler Hochelin Fleischer suit Supes?

# # #

My favorite personal 2022 toy that I have purchased so far is actually a 2022 re-release of the very popular Diamond Select - The Iron Giant, which they must have made plenty of when they re-issued it last spring because it is still available at a non-scalper price from the Diamond ‘store’ on Crapazon, unlike the original release (2020) which was hard to come by and was marked up towards the $100 range for a toy that originally sold for about $29, I believe.

I got mine at an LCS at Diamond’s retail, minus 20% since I also bought two trades at the same trip (also 20% off, which was nice since one trade was an out of print Superboy Adventure Comics collection).

It’s hard to see from this photo but it includes extra hands and even a tiny Hogarth that can ride on the Giant’s shoulders. Yes, I’ve had it for almost a year in it’s package, but have been looking to move since last August, and I knew even in April or May when I picked this up that I would want to move and just decided to leave it in it’s package since it would be easier to package up to move that way. Once I get settled, I’ll take better pictures of everything on display and post in the big thread.

And yes, I do realize that The Iron Giant is not exactly a DC item but IT is a Warner Brother’s toy … sold by a comic book distributor, even, and he’s got his own “S” shield to boot!



Collection is looking great buddy! I really like those Super Powers figs.

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