The Best of Golden And Silver Age Wonder Woman

I know a lot of people aren’t into the Golden and Silver Age and it certainly isn’t for everyone, but I have to tell you that you are missing out on some gems.

Luckily, I have a love of reading and re-reading these stories and I will bring you the best of the best, and by that I mean things that made me laugh and perhaps might make you laugh as well.

So prepare yourself for… The Best of Golden and Silver Age Wonder Woman. :heart_eyes: :00_wonder_woman_stars:


Golden Age Omnibus 5
Wonder Woman 35
May 1949

When Diana became a crazy cat lady:

When you finally find your people:

(This is how I imagine forum members meeting in person)

When you always miss out on all the fun because you have to work:

When you take being prepared to an unprecedented level:

(Also: when Mom lets you pick out your outfit for school)

When you join an awesome club thinking it will be all thrills but have to sit through a boring lecture instead:

(But at least you got to wear your awesome hat!)


Silver Age Omnibus 1
Wonder Woman 120

When Steve is being useless again:

When you compensate really well. Almost too well, actually:

When your inability to fly just doesn’t stop you:

When you wish you could fly, but you just can’t:

When Amazon technology is really only loosely based on Ancient Greece:

When you mess up at work and make up nonsense to tell your boss hoping they buy it:

Expository setup:

And a lifetime of watching for meteorites in a montage:

(Geez, obsess much?)

When it’s like the time you forgot to feed your fish all over again!:

When you have to be super careful when shaking people’s hands:

When your childhood training sure does come in handy:

When you are getting cocky about your secret identity:

(Say Diana Prince is Wonder Woman! I dare you!)

When a device is revealed and used in a single panel and then never seen again:

When “Hey! Our country has a name you know!”:

When Wonder Woman desecrates your religion without blinking an eye:


When you are still compensating as an adult:

(Sigh. I’ll never be able to fly! I guess I should just accept it)


Golden Age Omnibus 5
Wonder Woman 35

When you and your rowing team picked the worst day to practice:

(“Ready all row! Power Ten!” screams the Coxswain)

When maybe the land of the Mole-People isn’t so bad after all:

(Stranger, will you teach us about love?)

When the bomb does what now?

(Why would you ever build it like that?!?!?)

When tickling someone is not a proper medical rescue procedure:

(Oh, you think you’re drowning? Well, here comes the tickle monster who says you’re just fine!)


Silver Age Omnibus 1
Wonder Woman 121

Featuring the Wonder Woman family of herself, herself, and her mother:

When at least he didn’t steal the money:

(Must be some kind of rogue accountant!)

When you could watch any time and any place and you choose to watch yourself changing clothes in the future:

(And your Mom is watching too. Not weird at all)

When you ask the letterer if he knows what noises a helicopter make and he says “yes” unconvincingly:

(Hey, don’t call Etta “fatty” you jerk!)

When your partner on the force makes banter and embarrasses you:

(Don’t talk in front of Wonder Woman again. She just used a ferris wheel to take down a helicopter and then you had to come along saying dumb things)

When Hey! that plane costs money!:

When your mother has a theater from which to judge you:

(“Mom, I’m not cute! I’m practically a grown-up now!”)

When this seems ill-advised:

When how are there any alive Amazons?

(Let me die, so long as you win the race! That’s what’s important here!)

When it’s just another boring shipwreck explored by teens in love:

When maybe it’s not as boring as I thought:

(Okay, I’m impressed. The girl knows her dinosaurs)

The look of shock on the pterodactyl…err Dimorphondon kills me:

(My eggs! How could you?!)

When all that lasso training really pays off:

When regular red alert just isn’t going to cut it:

When you are still peeping on yourself all these years later:

(Why view all of time and space when you can watch yourself? Narcissus has nothing on Diana)

And to finish off the issue, Hippolyta has a duel with a gigantic knight from Pluto on a mentally projected space beam (what an almost stereotyped comic book ending, am I right?)

(Is it just me or is her helmet sexy? Don’t tell me if I ‘m wrong. I don’t want to know)


golden age wonder woman had fought valkyries and norse gods in 1 story.


Does Cheetah count?

To quote Boss: What does she see in him?

Okay. Diana Prince is Wonder Woman! Great to get that off my chess.

Not with that attitude. I just ride Superman. Problem solved.


You just made me have to sit down and rethink my entire fandom.


Golden Age Omnibus 5
Sensation Comics 90

Looking forward to seeing this human sphinx. This is gonna be epic!

When you take playing “Who Am I?” to the highest level:

When wait what house are we at again?:

(“Oh, nobody understands me! Nobody gets my deal!”)

When that seems like a dangerous speed:

(What? There’s not even time for a inflight snack? This is bogus!)

Steve Trevor working in military intelligence is no slouch when it comes to subterfuge:

When perhaps the bar to get into military intelligence is not as high as I previously thought:

(That crook just thought that trick up? On the spot? What an absolute genius! It’s almost an honor to get knocked out by him!)

(Meanwhile, that other guy still kept on moaning even after the attack. You have to admire that kind of dedication in his work. That guy is going places).

When your neck hurts so you do neck circles to work out the tension:

(“Yes, I searched ceaselessly, all 180 degrees even!”)

And that’s a wrap! Hey, wait a minute, there was no sphinx in this issue! I was robbed!

I guess the lady not telling us stuff is like the actual Sphinx not explaining Ancient Egyptian history to us or something?

Or maybe the real Sphinx was the friends we made along the way?


Silver Age Omnibus 1
Wonder Woman 122

Just in time for Justice League vs Godzilla and Kong:

1st Wonder Tot issue! Yes!!!

When “he” is able to “talk” in that “way”:

(You big silly! Satellites can’t be ghosts…can they?)

When eeeeyehhh:

(That must be what he says when he sees his face in a mirror)

When having a catch phrase means saying it Every. Single. Time.:

(Man, that never gets old!)

When the villain goes above and beyond on style with his evil invention:

(Yay! I get to fight a bigger me!)

When amazonium bracelets are now canonically highly magnetic:

(Wonder Woman can tragically never get an MRI)

We can all agree that Wonder Woman has many amazing and awe-inspiring powers. She also does weird stuff like this:

When Wonder Girl wins for the best quip for a defeated enemy:

When Wonder Woman is doing weird stuff again:

When no matter how bad my day is going this panel never fails to make it a little better:

When I’ve never wanted to write a letter to a comic book more in all my life:

Dear Wonder Woman’s Clubhouse in the past,

Wonder Tot is awesome.

Sincerely Yours,


(Surrender, for now you now face the power of double Eeeyehhh’s!)


You have to brood on this.


I just need to focus…reach out…over the madness…over the noise.


Great stuff @SteveTrevor2.0! I love the commentary on WW adventures.


I was really proud of myself when I remembered that picture, but I did not expect to get this much useage out of it.


Thanks much! I am glad you enjoy it.

It has become an iconic forum pic.


Golden Age Omnibus 5
Sensation Comics 91

Sorry, no Streak the Wonder Dog to be found here. A tragedy. :pensive:

When Wonder Woman is kind enough to gloss over your absolute cowardice:

(Sheer instinct for running away, that is!)

Show me you favorite hero doing something this amazing! You can’t! Wonder Woman is the best!

Well, this seems a little cruel:

(Also, did Saber-Toothed Tigers have actual tiger stripes? HG Peter says emphatically “Yes!”)

When Wonder Woman demonstrates practical and useful everyday martial arts:

(I’ll never again be bulled by a prehistoric herbivore!)

When maybe we are rushing things a bit with the cavewomen:

(“Constitution” they said, completely uncomprehendingly)

When this is really the last thing they need:

When Wonder Woman literally cancels an entire culture:

Hmm. This panel has potential for something, but what?

Ah, yes. Blackout poetry:

(Bzzzzz. Bzzzzz. Woo woo! Good talk!)


Silver Age Omnibus 1
Wonder Woman 123

Ah, Mer-Boy is always up to something, that little scamp!

When how many snapshots do you have? And what does that mean exactly?

(I honestly am impressed that Hippolyta invented a gif photo album in the early 60’s)

When you can’t be bothered to call your child by their name:

(Heh. That Wonder Tot is the best! Look at her killing birds with her lasso. Ha!)

When you spring for the extras when buying a vehicle and they are disappointing:

When you don’t have a lot of feats to talk about, but the ones you do tend to last:

When your police state has body cams on you at all times and it’s not weird at all:

When you haven’t kept up on ichthyology and just give fish random names:

When this makes complete sense and doesn’t seem odd at all:

When you can’t even trust your furniture anymore and your metaphor game is on point:

WW was always fishing for reader letters, which is nice. They listed the names of the people who wrote. This omnibus included reader letters. Here are some gems.

When Wonder Woman slaps you back down into harsh reality:

(Sheesh. What a downer)

When too bad, kid, welcome to real life:

(Like, you’re harshing my mellow, Wonder Woman)

When Jean Gruber was saying “yo mamma” stuff back in the 60’s. Truly, a trendsetter.

When Wanda wants to get fit without effort. No, Wanda. Just no.


Challenge accepted.

Well herbivores are very territorial and agressive.

I dress as a song bird and Boss dresses like a bat. We cannot judge what anybody wears.

She is going to teach them to farm honey bees?




Yes and yes.