:superman: The Best Christopher Reeve's Superman Movie Poll :superman:


Hello everybody, later this year Superman The movie will turn 45! So why wait to make this poll?
If you grew up in the 80s like me, chances are Christopher Reeve is your all time favorite Superman.
Ok, now here’s a fun part, which of these four…Ok fine which of these 5 Christopher Reeve’s Superman is your most favorite Superman movie ever? :smiley:

The Greatest Christopher Roeeve’s Superman
  • Superman The Movie (1978)
  • Superman 2
  • Superman 2 (Richard Donnor’s Cut)
  • Superman 3
  • Superman 4: Quest For Peace

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May the best Superman film win! :superman_hv_1: :superman:


4 Tree Stars

Donner Cut

Superman the Movie

3 Tree Stars

Superman III

2 Tree Stars

Superman II

Superman IV The Quest for Peace


I love ‘em all, part IV included. The first one gets my vote because:

  • The helicopter scene
  • The movie changed audience’s perception towards superhero movies and what they can accomplish.
  • The multiple locations: Krypton, Smallville, Metropolis.
  • The helicopter scene.
  • The goodbye to Martha scene.
  • The “transformation” scene in Lois’ apartment.
  • The heli… ok you get it.

I think second favorite would be a tougher vote for me. I’d have a hard time choosing between II and III.


My favorite scene.


If Donner had finished Superman II himself, it would be my favorite.

But that didn’t happen, so I have to choose the first one.


On first thought I went Donner Cut of Superman II, but thinking about it a little more I was thinking about it the more I think I need to revisit it.

  1. Superman: The Movie
  2. Superman II (Lester)
  3. Superman II (Donnner)
  4. Superman III
  5. Superman IV

I had to go with number 1 cause that was the year i was born, and that was my very first Superman movie I ever saw.

The Christopher Reeve’s run gets a lot of poop but to me it was great, especially for that time frame, not a lot of CGI, actors had to work out and were not given cgi suits or a ton of prop work muscle suits. An Christopher Reeve’s to me was a top knotch Superman , an for me the only one who can stand next to him is Henry Cavill and to me it is a shame he is being shelved.

A lot of actors fear being a one hit wonder, Leonard Nemoy had a hard time shaking Spock, he even wrote two books one being something like I am not Spock, and the other I am Spock I think.

anyhow, nothing wrong with being a great one character actor, beats being a crappy actor known for screwing up a great character.

so yeah.