The Batwoman Thread

During the Hydrology arc, Bette Kane got badly injured. She ended up in a hospital and in a coma. But man, I forgot the details of the injury because this description from Jacob is brutal

On the bright side…at least Kate is apparently bulletproof? Legit cool

And now this…

Heavy sigh. Dude…I think you can hold off on the Miranda Rights until AFTER you subdue and capture the mutated monsters!

Just a cool cover I wanted to share

Again, great chemistry between Kate and Maggie

I know your kinda like James Bond right now Kate, but do NOT kiss the Bond Girl while you are in a relationship!

Man, this scene right here is tough to watch. But the good kind, meaning well-written


Man, it’s been tough today, what with what’s happening to the DC Community and my own work life. Can’t wait to just chill out with one of my friends, who is A SKELETON IN A HAWAIIAN SHIRT

I really like this narration from Kate about the days that defined and what made her Batwoman. It’s sad though to hear her say the day she became BW is when she cut herself off from him

Screenshot 2024-06-10 5.34.39 PM

I really like this layout of Jacob and Bette having similar inner doubts and second-guessing but still committing themselves to this training schedule. Also, the layout includes a literal flamebird and I think that’s awesome

Another cool layout of Batwoman forced to watch Wonder Woman perform a mercy killing on an immortal being and not being sure how to feel about it


I need to read more Batwoman, I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve read so far about Kate.