The Batmen

THE BATMEN offers a look at the Caped Crusader through the eyes of the visionaries that have shaped his comic book destiny. The Dark Knight has evolved over 80-plus years thanks to a select few creatives, and it was their brilliance that cemented Batman as a titan of global pop culture.

Check out the comics being discussed by visiting the links below!

Denny O’Neil (Pt One): Detective Comics # 395

Denny O’Neil (Pt Two): Batman # 251

Denny O’Neil (Pt Three): A Death In the Family

Neal Adams (Pt One: The Brave And the Bold # 75

Neal Adams (Pt Two): Detective Comics # 400


A great deco series and curated from @DCDaily interviews.

I hope there are more of these.


I picked A death in the family as my favorite Joker storyline on a thread on here.

RIP Denny. I’ve watched these videos a number of times.