The Batman

I was just curious on what people think about the new pics and footage of The Batman starring Robert Pattinson. My personal feeling are even though he wouldnt have been my number 1 pick,I’m staying optimistic. When Batman Vs. Superman was first coming I didnt think Ben Affleck would have made a good Batman and then I was pleasantly surprised so my words of wisdom to all the haters out there are looks can be deceiving and just keep an open mind before you go hating on something that might make you happy.


I wish the photos didnt leak, but it is what it is. For anyone skeptical about the suit or Pattinson, I would say wait and see. Photos do not give indication about the movies quality.


I agree 100%,I am a huge BATMAN fan so to whoever Don’s the Cape and cowl I give props too,that’s why i agree with you,wait and see and who knows it can be the greatest batman movie of all time,i never believe in what critics say,i believe my own eyes and ears.people say Birds of Prey was bad and i absolutely loved it,cant wait to see what they have next


Well, nobody should judge the film or even the costume on these pics. It’s clearly a stuntman and they arent going to use a polished, fully detailed costume for the shots. The goggles are likely eye protection for the driver as they arent present in the official Reeves camera test. The driver has symmetrical dots drawn on his face, most likely for cgi purposes. I dont think were supposed to be seeing this as closely as we can.
That said, I really dont like the gloves. Everything else is fine-to-cool imo. Some notes: The second biker is rumored to be Selina’s character, the driver is definitely female. Some are claiming this as a first look at Catwomans costume, but my guess would be it’s just a riding suit.
There is a shot of a GCPD officer carrying a suitcase out a front door. Jack-o-lanterns are by the doorsteps. Possible Long Halloween confirmation.

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