The Batman

With the season finally of Titans coming up and that pretty awesome trailor we got, I was just wondering what everyone’s favorite live action Batman is. For me it has to be 66 Batman the late great Adam West just so many amazing memories watching it. And I own the box set still watch it to this day and it still holds up in my eyes any way lol


Christian Bale. Remember that first teaser trailer for Batman Begins? There was the menacing score and the voice over where he says, " I saw something in the darkness – Something terrifying."

“What did you see?”



I swear if you watch Dark Knight Rises he homages Adam West’s speech pattern throughout the film. Not sure if many people notice that. Nolan and the other’s were fans of the tv series as Catwoman’s look showed.


I love what Affleck brought to the role. For all the problems with the movies he was in he’s still my definitive Batman and I’ll be really sad if he’s out of the cowl.

I really liked Bale in Batman Begins but he had too much dialog in the sequels and his Bat-voice became laughable.

George Clooney I don’t think gets enough respect. Batman and Robin isn’t the best Batman movie but its got a lot of fun moments. I really hope he comes up for re-appraisal as Adam West did after he did the Gray Ghost episode. Clooney would be my first choice for Old Man Bruce in a Batman Beyond movie.


I go back and forth between Keaton and Bale. Leaning towards Keaton.

Bale’s was the most accurate to the character but there’s something about Keaton in that role and the aura of those Burton movies that feels so perfect for Batman. My one nitpick (if you can even call it that) about the Nolan movies is they felt a little too “real world” and that’s not really what I want out of a comic book movie.


Tim Burton’s Batman’89 and Batman Returns followed by BvS(Ultimate Cut)

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:+1: Ben Affleck is the best Batman we’ve seen.


Adam West all day!

I like Keaton, too, but West is still best. :sunglasses:


‘89 Batman is unmatched in the hype surrounding it & for putting Batman back into the mainstream. Bale/Nolan is highly underrated, Batman Begins deserved an Oscar nod at the least. Affleck prepared physically better than any & all. West gets bonus points no matter what for being the 1st & having nothing on the big screen previous to him to decipher what worked & what didn’t with the character. Finally, Batman Returns, Forever, & Batman & Robin are underrated & our victims of the overload the movie with star power concept but still stand up imho.

Affleck with Keaton slightly behind him. Keaton will always a special place in my heart due to the childhood memories I have of watching the two movies he did. However Affleck for me is like watching the comic book come to life.

Bale for me got overshadowed by the villains and the ridiculous Batman voice. He was ok in Batman Begins.

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