“The Batman”, Shazam 2 and The Flash movie delayed

The Batman has been delayed until October 1st, 2021
The Flash has been delayed until June 2nd 2022
Shazam 2 delayed until November 4th 2022

What do you guys think of the decision?

While I think it’s disappointing that they’re getting delayed, it’s quite expected. They haven’t been delayed too much which is good at least. Personally I feel like October is a great month for a Batman film to come out (The Long Halloween anyone :wink: ) and it’ll just make that whole month awesome! Stay hopeful and stay safe everyone!

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Batman and Shazam were expected given the current circumstances. My main hope is that the Shazamily actors won’t have aged too much by the time filming starts. I feel like this may be the last chance we have to really see the kids in action, which is a shame, but at least there’s still the adult actors.

As for Flash, it’s gone through so many delays and director changes that I’m not putting any stock in a release date until it actually goes into production. Plus the recent Ezra Miller controversy could end up pushing it back even more. Honestly, I’m not even assuming that we’re gonna get a Flash movie at this point

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I don’t think of them as decisions, more in “adjusting schedules due to circumstances beyond their control”. Media, like all businesses, is being impacted by the pandemic.

As much as I would have loved to have seen The Batman during the summer 2021 movie season, there’s something very fitting about it coming out in October, especially if it’s indeed taking cues from The Long Halloween.

As the 1989 movie came out on birthday, to me it’s a summer flick, but I can see October, too. I’ll believe there’s a Flash movie when there’s an official trailer.