The Batman series not playing

Is anyone else having issues with the Batman series that just became available today playing. It plays no problem
On the app on my iPad . But on my tv thru amazon Firetv
It just goes to the episode and is no picture or sound.
Can fast forward and rewind but nothing on screen
Except darkness. Everything seems to be fine. Any suggestions.

I know if something isn’t available it’s usually shown as locked so i wouldn’t imagine you’d be viewing anything. I’d personally reset my device that always seems to fix my issues (not necessarily with this app but just generally) . But if you can get a mod they can direct you to technical support. I’ve found nothing but first rate customer service from these folks so I imagine they’d be more than happy to help.

Yes thanx, I reset everything, works now, maybe power flicker messed it up.
First time seeing this series, looks so different from every other Batman series, which isn’t a bad thing. Great to always have different artists, writers, etc.

Here’s a link to customer service, they’ll be happy to help. Hope the Batman show will work for you.

Radness I’m glad the ol reboot worked. Yeah I haven’t checked it out yet either. It’s on the list!