The batman movie does Gotham right.

I just saw the trailer, talk about the cast aside…WOW That was Gotham city. Not Burbank or New York pretending to be Gotham. Not some elaborate Burton Universe set. That was Gotham City. As a guy who has spent HOURS grappling rooftop to rooftop on DCUOnline. Down to the Wayne Tower logo, and Ace Chemical neon sign, That Was Gotham! The Gotham tv show has done the closest vision to the street level look, but two minutes of trailer gave me the city landmarks etched into my brain. I am excited.

Where did you see the trailer? The movie isn’t even supposed to start filming until next year?

It was on youtube. Doh, i hope i didn’t get duped by a fake. The tag said it was a concept reaser from San Diego con.

It was fake. I think you saw the one with Pattinson in the car

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Yeah, concept means fake. It’s a fan edit. Best way to tell if the trailer you see is real or not. Look at the channel (should be something like Warner Bros, Fandango, IGN, etc.), Look in the description (Most fake trailers claim it is a concept or fake), look at the clips in the trailer closely (all of them would be from other films or sources), and look around online (this would be a big movie, most people would have been talking about this).


It just started filming lol