The Batman 2004 animated series

I remember watching some of “The Batman” series when I was in high school, but I never got a chance to watch the whole series. I also remember ,in those teenage years, not liking the show as much as the 90’s Batman Animated Series/New Batman Adventures. I now realize I didn’t like it as much because I was a teenager and it was a different show, so automatically my teenage mind didn’t like it as much lol. In rewatching this on DC Universe as an adult I’m loving the show! The animation has a cool, artsy sort of edge. And the reworking of the characters is pretty cool on MOST accounts (some are still a little strange, like red Bane lol). I also think that this series features my favorite take on The Penguin! I’m currently rewatching this series from the beginning and I can’t wait to get to the final season, which I never got to see when it aired due to work and other faulting lol! I recommend this series if you’ve never seen it before and I recommend re-trying it if you have! It’s really cool!


Bro I agree with everything you said lol. I wad the same way when I wad a teenager and actually remember strongly disliking batman begins for that reason. Watched it recently and couldn’t believe how good it was and how wrong I was! Same with this show, used to dislike it but love it now! As I get older I start to appreciate different interpretations of characters we love


@SouthPark, how were you able to strongly dislike Batman Begins?

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Damn sorry @vroom I guess I can’t be young and dumb lol. Even if I never changed my mind it would still be my opinion and that’s completely subjective lol. I said in my reply I was too tied to previous takes on batman that I didn’t like it bc it was new. I found reasons to dislike the film and didn’t pay much attention to the plot. I was 14 when the movie came out and was pretty occupied with my social life so it kinda just came and went.

Well I implied it when I said I agree with the original post lol

That’s fine if you didn’t like then, no worries. I was just curious :slight_smile:

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2004 was a great show i saw it when I was a kid. Joker was a bit weird but the show itself was good.