The BatCat Marriage

So Tom King will be finishing up his run in “Batman/Catwoman.” Given his previous comments that the ending of his run would “change Batman for a generation,” do you think he was referring to actually going through with the wedding this time? A married Batman would be pretty different (should editorial let it stick). Or do you think he’s got something else planned? Let me know your thoughts or predictions below!

Think they tie the knot and it sticks for a long time. If I was EIC I would put 5 years before I would even entertain any kind of break up.

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I agree with ‘msgtv’ I think they tie the knot.
It seems to have worked for Superman and Lois Lane. And that experiment has, so far anyway, created some interesting stories.
We got just a slight taste of what it might be like for The Bat and The Cat to be together in earlier issues of the Tom King run, as well as earlier classic stories like ‘HUSH’. It is a dynamic that makes The Bat far more interesting then the current storyline of ‘Knightmares’ UGH, and villians breaking the bat. I’m sick of storylines that constantly think the Bat needs to be broken (Knightfiall and everything since) . Let’s see him be the great character and Hero that he should be, again. Let the Bat and the Cat along with the rest of the Bat Family have some unity again and let that create Great Stories.
So please, let them tie the knot!!!


I have a theory that the thing that he initially was going to do that got him kicked off the regular book was that he was going to have Bruce and Selina get married, both would retire, and the Thomas Wayne Flashpoint Batman would take over for a spell.

My guess is that likely the semi-retirement is the part that didn’t stick, and the two will be married and doing costumed adventures, which I am 100% for and hyped about.

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I have not read much modern Batman. So I am coming from that point of view, but I don’t like the idea of Batman being married anymore then I liked him being a father. Although to their credit the latter seems to have stuck which I did not expect it to.

I still think Batman is best as a loaner, and while he never truly was given Alfred and the many Robin, plus Batgirl from even before the modern age. I just feel the endless new additions to The Batman Family and him now having a kid and being closed to having a full family just take away from that. I get that when a character has been around that long you got to “spice it up” but don’t think marrying him off is the answer. Not to mention with Catwoman, Poision Ivy and Harley Quinn all more of less now “gone straight” at least in the sense they are anti-heroes instead of true members of Batman’s rouges gallery… it just hasn’t made me want to read Batman much. Times change but this just doesn’t feel like the Batman I once knew.

I really like the idea of Bruce and Selina getting married and the Flashpoint Thomas Wayne filling in for Bruce while he’s on his honeymoon with Selina.

I hope that’s still in the hopper.


I hope there more to his story then they get married. He could of done that with issue 50.

They have that story line over on Earth 2

Batman and Catwoman and their daughter Huntress

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Great. Twelve issues of hard hitting dialogue and character development. “Bat.” “Cat.” “Bat.” “Cat.” Stretched over 12 issues.
If you can’t tell, I am not a fan of his run. I cannot wait until the next crisis undoes the last few years of Batman and Detective.

I wonder if Kite Man will pop up in Batman/Catwoman…

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