The Atom

Howdy, anyone got any suggestions for comics / story lines featuring Ray Palmer that are on the app? Or if there are any comics / story lines not currently on the app that we could request?

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Here are a few Atom dealies currently available on DCU:

-The Brave and the Bold (1955) # 77
-Identity Crisis mini-series
-Justice League of America (1960) #'s 14 and 47
-Justice League of America: The Atom Rebirth (this is a one-shot)
-Justice League of America Rebirth (another one-shot)
-Justice League of America #'s 1-6 (from the Rebirth ongoing series, these take place after the two previously mentioned books)
-JLA #'s 42 and 77
-Secret Origins (1986) #29

-Batman: The Brave and the Bold Season 1, Episode 9: “Journey to the Center of the Bat!”
-B: TBATB S3 E7: “Sword of the Atom!”
-DC Nation Shorts: Sword of the Atom
-Justice League Unlimited S1 E10: Dark Heart

Comics not yet on DCU:
-The All New Atom
-The Atom Special
-Convergence: The Atom
-Legends of Tomorrow: The Atom (this is a trade that features a variety of Atom material)
-Power of The Atom
-Sword of The Atom
-Sword of The Atom Special

Hope that leads you to some good stuff. Up and Atom =)


@Vroom thank you kindly for all the suggestions, much appreciated!

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You’re quite welcome.

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Best thing to come out of this thread for me, is until I read this I didn’t realize they had more issues of Brave and the Bold besides the three JLA issues. Awesome.

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