The April Walmart Giant Comics Are Here!

They’re on eBay so they’re out there. Maybe that elusive Detective Comics 80th Anniversary Giant will start showing up in better quantities with the new books.

Happy hunting to those that read these :slight_smile:


I’ve found everything except the Anniversary Giant. So far I’ve only seen the new regular giants at one of my local Wal-Mart. I didn’t find the Swamp Thing Halloween Giant until the week before Thanksgiving.

I don’t know if this help anybody with their search but I love in South West Virginia.

Huh, my Walmart hasn’t gotten the update yet. But good to know I should be checking this weekend!

I’ve noticed at my store that the vendor that cycles in new stuff for that area usually does it on the weekends, though Easter might cause a delay. I’d check around Monday/Tuesday.

I found the new books at two different stores tonight.

Still no 'Tec 80th Giant though.

My wife found them tonight. She grabbed me Superman and her Wonder Woman.

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Hurray! =)

Picked up Batman and Superman #10’s today.

Darn it - I just got back from my Walmart, and it’s still not stocked! Will check again tomorrow night. :frowning:

The Wal Mart closest to where I live still hasn’t stocked the new Giants either. Outside of the #4 issues this store is at worst the second WM in my area to stock them.

They’re in at mine, picked up Swamp Thing and Flash to start with. I kind of have a pile of these still needing to be read, so I went with the ones I’m caught up with first. :smiley:

Except the Detective Comics one – I’m half convinced that it was made up to scam people on E-Bay at this point.

The release pattern for the 'Tec Giant has been quite kooky.

The Swamp Thing Halloween Giant was hard to find initially but it gradually showed up in good numbers.

The Holiday Special Giant was a breeze to find.

For anyone looking for the 'Tec Giant, do remember it ships in its own box and shouldn’t be grouped in with the regular Giant books.

The Halloween and Holliday specials while in their own box were both in the same spot as the regular Giants. And to be honest I’m not 100% sure the Holliday special was in it’s own box at my local stores.

Every time I go to Walmarts that carry the Giant line, I first look for the box that 'Tec comes in and then the regular box to see if someone stuck it there.

No dice on either account so far.

Finally! Managed to get Wonder Woman #3, Superman #10, and Batman #10 from my Walmart. No sign of the 80th anniversary, though. (They also had Flash, Swamp Thing, and Titans, but I don’t collect those.)

Wonder Woman sadly keeps running out of really nice Chad Hardin art and giving us just okay Tom Derenick art. The story is pretty fun, though it’s funny that Bendis and Palmiotti/Conner are both using Jonah Hex in their stories. Batman’s Derington art is phenomenal, and the fight scene was classic Bendis with flair by Derington. Superman was pretty solid - I like the idea of splitting Clark and Superman as an homage to Red and Blue and the dual nature, and of course the title, Man and Superman. It’s pretty clear that King thinks Clark is the dominant personality, as the arrogance of power from Kal in the story isn’t something we really see in most stories.

@millernumber1 Glad to hear you found the books you wanted.

Between Hex appearing in the Batman and Wonder Woman Giant titles and Jinny Hex appearing in Young Justice, it’s a good time to be a Hex fan.

Forgot to mention that there are currently zero copies of the 'Tec Giant on eBay. I utilized different searches and nothing came up.

I’m wondering if DC decided to cut the run on this book for some reason and what’s out there is what’s out. Maybe there’s an issue with the printer that’s producing the book?

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It is a pretty fun time to be a Hex fan. Even if you’re not (I’m not particularly), it’s a fun thing seeing him and Jinny around!

Looks like the one I was watching for the Tec Giant is gone. That’s really weird that they’re all gone.