The Amazing Story of Superman-Red and Superman-Blue!

As always, an excellent analysis, @TheCosmicMoth!

The Triangle Era Superman Blue and Red will forever be “my” versions of those versions of Superman, but the Silver Age tale is also a tremendously fun (and important) read.


Thanks! This story and the one from the Triangle Era are appealing for different reasons, but, the last time I tried to read through the Triangle issues, I definitely found more similarities than I previously thought were there.


I’m going to place these on the Superman Blue and Red mantle:

Red’s cardback is the same as Blue’s, so there’s no need to post it.

Those are from the period in the Justice League Unlimited line where it started to bring in more comic-based concepts and characters (such as the JSA) that had nothing to do with the show, but were still neat to have in the DCAU style.

While ample Triangle Era Superman Blue and Red figures exist in multiple lines by multiple companies, the two JLU figures above are the only Silver Age Blue and Red figures I know of, offhand.


Aw, why did you post these??? Now I want to buy them! … I actually thought about buying two of the SP Supermen and repainting them as Red and Blue, but now I’ve got to try to find these on eBay… :unamused:


These are awesome!


Alright! :partying_face:

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Blue and Red were among the last of the Target exclusive portion of JLU, before it went online-only at Matty Collector for the remainder of its run.

I saw them in-store many times, but was on a break from collecting so I never bought them.

Having checked them out for my last post, I’ll admit that I’m interested in buying them now as well.

But…I shall refrain! For now. :smirk:


Your namesake’s in the Fan Collection too, among the second wave of three-packs:

I find this 2007 release to be the best JLU Huntress figure:


Yeah, I just did a Google to price them, and… it could be worse! But it was enough to dissuade me for now and just add them to my someday list.


On eBay, the going rates look to be pretty reasonable.

Were I to see a seller offer both figures in one lot for a good price, I’d likely snap it up. Same goes if I were to randomly come across them at a specialty shop in-person.

Otherwise, they’ll be added to my “Someday.” wish list.


I think I need to get this!


Get the single-carded release! Its got the snazzy white trim on the cape, a crossbow and a display stand.

Of course, The Question was in the very first wave of Fan Collection three-packs (the John/Fire/Ice set being the other set it was released alongside) from the fall of 2008…

…so if you did get Helena in the three-pack, her and Q could go on adventures with Superman, Fire, Ice and Green Lantern, which is always a good time.


Thanks for the great tips. My collection is fairly small right now, so tips on the best items to expand it with are always appreciated!


You’re quite welcome. I’m always happy to help. :slight_smile:

I don’t want to get @TheCosmicMoth’s thread OT more than I already have, but when you’re in the mood for some Huntress stuff, :notes: “you know who to call!” :notes:


As long as it’s vaguely related, I generally don’t care how OT things get. I generally don’t care about much actually :laughing:


Well, then…

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If you’re interested in reading the crazy Silver Age stories I post about then please vote for Superman in the Blacklist Breakout. It would be great to have this material digitized!



For anyone wanting this tale in digital, you can request it here: :point_down:t2: