The Adventures of Shazam and Superman: The Comics Edition

The World’s Mightiest Mortal and The Last Son of Krypton have had their share of adventures together over the years in the comic book medium.

From the first DC published Shazam series with Superman on the cover of issue #1 essentially welcoming Captain Marvel into the DC Universe (while politely prodding him to say the magic word), their pairings in DC Comcs Presents, 2005’s the “Lightning Strikes!” crossover in the Superman titles and the Superman/Shazam!: First Thunder mini-series, to more recent fare like their team oriented adventures in the New 52 Justice League, they’re a pair with a mighty powerful air.

Whether you’re new to this pairing of wonders or know it like the back of your hand, here’s a small taste of comics featuring The Titanic Twosome available on DCU:

-DC Comics Presents #'s 33, 34 and 49
-DC Comics Presents Annual #3
-Superman/Shazam: First Thunder mini-series

Do you have any favorite comic adventures starring these two titans? Why do they make such an interesting pairing? Feel free to discuss below!


The DC Comics Presents annual is one of the best Shazam stories ever created due in part to the exceptional artwork by Gil Kane.

There was an annual that was part of the Eclipso crossover that I rather enjoyed

@TheDemonEtrigan Gil Kane you say? That just jumped ahead as a priority Shazam read for me!

Thanks =)

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If you’re a Kane fan I promise you won’t be disappointed. I think the only artist to ever draw the Marvels better was CC Beck.

Those issues are: Action Comics 826, Superman 216, and Adventures of Superman 639.

Justice League of America 135, 136, and 137-- most notably 137. It’s the wonderous, marvelous, amazingous-- annual JLA- JSA crossover, reintroducing the Fawcett heroes to the world.

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@Misfit. That’s exactly what I was going to list. One of my earliest issues of JLA, it was my first introduction to many of the Fawcett characters (including Cap Jr., Mary, Ibis, Bulletman, and Spy Smasher!) AND it was my first JSA crossover.

Warm fuzzies all over.

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