The Adventures Of Batman & Baby Darkseid


In yesterday’s DC Daily, it shows off the new Dark Knight Metal series of statues, one in particular has Batman Dad-Handling a baby Darkseid (front baby pouch).

What do you guys think of Batman and Baby Darkseid?


I think they missed a chance for an excellent series there…


It was awesome!!! They need to do a full-size statue of that andjust make it part of the standard DC Daily scenery.

A Batman-Baby Darkseid mini series or animated film would be great, full of seriousness and outrageous comedy. This is DC’s Kurosawa meets the Marx Bros. moment.

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Batman flipping over Omega beams that are searching for a victim while he’s kicking people in the face, spraying villians with milk from a bottle to make sure it’s lava hot enough for baby Darkseid? Yes, sir!

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Batman doesn’t know where his 13 year old child is; I am sorry, but super social services would have to take Baby Darkseid away.

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@Misfit, you don’t think the SuperCPS agents would just run away at the sight of Baby Darkseid.

SuperCPS: I’m sorry Mr. Batman, but we’ve determined your cave is no place to raise a child.

Darkseid: No! Dadda!

(Darkseid obliterates SuperCPS agent and asks for his binkey back)



“That’s a bad baby. Bad Darkseid. Don’t you glow your eyes at me, young man!”

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It’s from Metal, therefore it’s great.

I just hope Todd McFarlane is going to sink his teeth into Metal toys. That void needs to be filled.

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Darkseid keeps crying

Batman: Don’t make me get your mother.

Darkseid: Silly Daddy! Mama left you at the alter!

*Batman gives up and lets Darkseid send the Earth to the fiery pits of Apokolips from his crib. *

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Or Batman just drop kicks the lil’ bastard into a volcano and calls it a day.

Either or.



I’m sorry, Vroom… but those just aren’t good parenting skills.

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Hey! Batman’s a great parent! When was the last time you saw Damian brutally murder someone, huh? And what about Jarro? That little starfish is growing into a fine young man

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Lol Vroom with his quacky humor :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Misfit Tough cheese. Darkseid would get what he deserves and Batman could get home in time to watch The Ellen Show, a fine production from Warner Brothers Television :slight_smile:

Well…he could after the Justice League defeats Barbatos that is.

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