The 90's Flash HD REMASTER?

One of the biggest turn offs for watching the 90’s Flasg is the poor VHS quality, I owned the DVDs twice and it was the same issue, they look grainy and it’s very hard to make out faces and other things…I feel like the show itself is amazing but I would love to see it get the attention it needs. A nice HD REMASTER and 5.1 Audio mix…If they can do it with Shazam and pull the magic they’ve been doing with the other shows…I think The Flash could be epic.


I’d love to see that. With The Flash movie finally getting going, maybe we’ll see a remaster by then?

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I would love to see it get remastered.

I’m still holding out for a remaster, not even sure if it is possible but I seen a few YouTube fan made edits where people adjusted color balance and removed grain and it looked amazing.