The 85th Anniversary of Superman is Coming!

i like superman because he taught me the inevitability of life death love and how even the strongest people can fall to it(side note we are still appreciating supes right?)


All month long! :metal:


yayyy all month !!! gotta buy some stuff to survive get the supes shirt of course


Same — I like that his costume seems like it’s been majorly consistent throughout his run. We see a lot of modern characters have completely different looks from their debut designs (say, Huntress and Catwoman as an example), so I think it provides a lot of comfort to see Supes still rocking his bright blue and red.

YES! Bring on more!

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just don’t tap the glass lol


That’s absolutely incredible! It’s so cool that you have that personal connection with him!

I’ve been hearing good things. Definitely got a lot of reading to do!


Right? Back then, who knew he was going to not only come back, but continue to have new storylines WELL into the future?

I tend to always think like “Man, Superman has so many storylines, his fans have so much material to work with … I wonder if anyone ever gets things mixed up.” But then I remember my passion for some of my own faves — like Static (a given) or even a Marvel fave, Hawkeye, and how I’ve categorized a lot of their overall storyline in chronological order in my head, seemingly ready to info dump on people at all times. Maybe it’s kind of like exercise … you work out your knowledge by repeatedly indulging, and then it just becomes ingrained in you from your passion and love for the character alone. You never really forget.

Did any of that make sense? I’m rambling. Point is, I’m always super impressed by Superman lovers and I hope I can join them soon in having aaaall the knowledge!


Before I forget: Here’s my all time FAVORITE Superman fan!


I always loved the idea of Superman being used to teach the difference between good and evil.


It makes sense. I do forget though :slightly_smiling_face:. Some stories stay with me for a long time, and some I just remember the broad strokes. I tend to not re-read a lot, so that probably has something to do with it.


Thank you kindly :pray:

Superman is amazing.


I was remiss when I listed my Superman favorites earlier. I left out the single best 25 minutes of live-action Superman ever produced. From season two of “The Adventures of Superman”, the episode entitled–“Around The World With Superman.” Written by TV legend screenwriter Jackson Gillis, and directed the prolific Tommy Carr, this episode encapsulates all of what makes Superman the greatest fictional hero. You want to know the true meaning of "truth, justice, and The American way!'? Watch this classic story of compassion and giving of one’s self to others. This is my Superman.


So… favorite looks for Superman. For me it’s the classic costume. If it’s not broken don’t fix it. Should I post a pic of something you’ve seen a thousands times over? Of course! Here’s a piece pencilled by the legendary Curt Swan:

I like when they embellish it, too. Like the cuffs that were added for a couple years starting with Action Comics #1000. Jason Fabok:

Or this Shane Davis design from Superman: Earth One. It’s cool when artists draw the wrinkles and seems in the costume.

It’s a peeve of mine when folks call the trunks “underwear”. Trunks, folks… trunks. I like it when they’re drawn a smidgen longer. Like how Frank Quitely did it in All-Star Superman:

And Mike Allred did in Superman: Space Age:

Then there’s original takes on the classic costume. Like this Ivan Reis designed statue by Iron Studios. I love the different materials, piping, and added details.

Or this overdue piece, also by Iron Studios:

Aside from the classic costume and its variations, I also like the New 52 design. It was my introduction to Superman comics. Jim Lee:

Here’s an Action Comics #1000 variant by Nicola Scott that captures many of Superman’s different suits. Always lookin’ sharp Supes!

Many more to mention, Rebirth, Reborn, Red & Blue, Golden Age, all the movie and TV designs… it’s a long list. Maybe I’ll post a couple more later :slightly_smiling_face:.


This is interesting, but I just realized Quitely’s linework reminds me a lot of @bigblock66’s art style. That’s pretty cool!

I do agree that I like the longer trunks better. Aside from Lee’s New 52 rendition (which still shows them, just in blue), has there ever been an instance where those were removed from his costume?


Off the top of my head:

Rebirth (Jorge Jimenez)

Reborn (Patrick Gleason)

Superman Blue & Red (Ron Frenz, I believe)

Return of Superman (Dan Jurgens)

Lois & Clark (Lee Weeks)

Earth-2 Kal-El Superman

Earth 2 Val-Zod Superman

Earth 23 Calvin Ellis “President” Superman

There’s also all the movie, TV, and video game trunkless stuff, but I take it you meant comics.

I’m sure I’m missing quite a few. Other folks can fill in the blanks :slightly_smiling_face:.


Wow, Superman is turning 85 :exploding_head: :0_superman1! I wish I look half as good as he does when I turn 85​:joy:! But, seriously, you guys want to know what some of my favorite Superman moments and memories are? Okay, here goes.

I’ve loved Superman since I was very little, just like Batman. I had Super Powers figures of both Superman and Lex Luthor way back in 1985 when I was about 5 or 6 years old. I loved them both very much :sparkling_heart:. They came with little comic books and the armor came off on the Lex Luthor figure and I thought that was neat. Then I went to see Superman IV in theaters.

I loved getting to see Superman on the silver screen when I was 8 years old. It was Superman IV and it opened up one day before my birthday :birthday: back in 1987. So my Uncle took me to see it as his present :gift: to me. I remember Superman toys around that time too from Burger King that were very cool and fun to play with.

I had a red plastic Superman lenticular coin from Burger King that I got back in 1987. I had so much fun turning the coin and watching Superman fly. I had a Superman cup holder too that I also got from Burger :hamburger: King :crown:. But that was in 1988 and it didn’t do too much because it was solid plastic.

But still fun to play with when you’re a kid :slightly_smiling_face:. I remember my Mom taking me to the library for the first time in the late-'80s and taking out this BIG hardcover Superman omnibus containing a lot of his Golden Age stories in it. I don’t think that it was called an omnibus like they call them today today. I think it was called the Archival Collection because the stories were all from the '30s, '40s, and '50s and, even by the age of the '80s, those years were considered old.

Now they’re considered ancient :smile::joy:!!! One of my earliest comic book memories comes from reading a Superman comic when I was very little. I was 5 years old probably. I don’t remember too much about the story but I do remember that it was pre-Crisis and the Fortress of Solitude was inside an Aztec temple and that guy, Steve Lombard, was in it.

I remember because he was giving Clark Kent a hard time and I felt bad for him.
Cat Grant was in it as well. She was dating Steve Lombard at that time. And Clark Kent was not working at the Daily Planet.

He was a news anchor for a Metropolis TV station. I just checked to see if the comic I’m talking about was on DCUI and it isn’t. There’s a LOT of early-'80s and late-'70s Superman that’s not on DCUI. I wonder why?

I looked up Action Comics and the comic I’m talking about is not under that as well. But I did recognize the cover of another Superman comic that I owned back then.This one came out in April of 1984. It was Action Comics #554.

Don’t ask me what the story’s about because I can’t help you there :smile:. So my first experience with Superman came when I was 4. I really fell in love with Superman post-Crisis. I loved Silver Banshee and still do.

Rampage I didn’t care for too much. I thought Metallo was pretty cool. I loved Lex Luthor’s sinister threats that he was always implying to everybody that tried to cross him. I remember getting the last issue of the Crisis of the Krimson Kryptonite story and I was blown away to see Clark reveal to Lois that he’s Superman.

I cried when he died battling Doomsday. I wasn’t too happy with DC when, back then in the early-'90s, after having such a major death like Superman’s, that they would introduce 4 imposters less than a year after Superman’s death.That’s how I felt anyways at the beginning of Reign of the Supermen. Now that’s one of my favorite Superman stories.

I fell in love with Steel, the Eradicator, Cyborg Superman, and Superboy instantly :sparkling_heart:. And when I was reading that story, I remembered reading about the Eradicator a couple years prior to the Reign of the Supermen and I thought that it was so cool that this Kryptonian computer was able to make himself look exactly like Superman. Through this story, I started collecting all of the Superman titles during the Triangle era (which is my favorite era of Superman). I absolutely loved electric blue Superman :sparkling_heart:!

I thought it was a very cool and modern reinvention for him. The Fall of Metropolis, the Death of Clark Kent, and the Trial of Superman are just a few more of my favorite stories from the Triangle Era. I loved the characters of Conduit and Snapdragon. I thought it was very cool making a childhood friend of Clark’s into one of his greatest enemies with Kenny Braverman a.k.a Conduit.

I absolutely adore the Superman For All Seasons story by Jeph Loeb and Time Sale. I just love how they captured small-town life perfectly in it. I did fall off of reading Superman in the 2000s era but I did come back for the New Krypton storyline and I thought that was fantastic! I have just started to get back into him now.

I just read the new Superman #1 (2023) by Joshua Williamson and it was a great start to a new series :+1:. And I just checked out Philip Kennedy Johnson’s Action Comics #1047 and that was great too so I’m gonna go back and read his entire Warworld Saga now and see how that is. I also made a couple of personal lists on DCUI for Superman’s early-2000s stories and 2010 stories so that I can catch up on what I missed. I still love the big guy and I’m thrilled to see what DCUI has planned for his 85th birthday :birthday::tada:.


Lovely personal story with Superman :slightly_smiling_face:. I can relate to a lot of it, especially playing with Super Powers (wonderful toys) and seeing Superman IV in theater. Dad took me. I was 7 and I don’t recall earlier memories of going to the movies, so I’m calling that my first movie theater experience :slightly_smiling_face:.


Omg. I dont even remotely deserve to be mentioned in that topic. But that you immensely :pleading_face::hugs:


Dude!!! I can completely relate. The first movie memory I have is my dad taking me to see superman in the old movie theater that no longer exists in my city. Dang.
The power of Dads, and Superman. :heart:


Thanks for sharing your memory with me, @moro :slightly_smiling_face:. You and I are very close in age, I see. I was only 8 when I saw Superman IV. Unfortunately, I can’t say that it was my first movie that I remember because I remember seeing a couple of other movies when I was real young.

My earliest movie memory is going to the drive in up here in the northeast where I live with my Mom and Dad and seeing ET. My second experience was again at the same drive in and the movie that time was Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Good times for sure :slightly_smiling_face::+1:! I see your thumbnail picture next to your name is of Bibbo.

That’s very cool! I always liked him during the Triangle Era of Superman :slightly_smiling_face:.