The 52 Book Club: Week Two

Hello again to the next edition of the 52 Book Club, where each week, in celebration of its 15th anniversary, we’re reading through the seminal weekly event 52, written by the brain trust of Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Mark Waid, and Keith Giffen.

Ralph Dibny begins to investigate the defilement of his wife’s grave, while celebrity superhero Booster Gold plays detective to solve the mystery of the apparently altered timeline. Meanwhile, Renee Montoya might not want answers, but she must face The Question!

The link for the issue can be found here: DC UNIVERSE INFINITE

Looking forward to seeing you share your thoughts!


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I read this right after reading the first. I am guessing Renee and the Question is more than just “I want you to inherit my no face mask”. And if it is some sort of investigation, it is the third in tandem with Booster and Ralph.


Wow this issue really holds up over the years!

I’m fine with the many subplots running at the same time.

The various Mysteries that are slowly being unraveled and revealed frankly I’ve forgotten the answers to some of them so that’s still fun.

I keep thinking Ralph’s wife turns into some kind of Eclipso, Rene of course becomes the new Question and I think that one detective turns into the Spectre or maybe he’s already been the Spectre way back back again, who knows.

I’m not quite getting the Krypton / Superman worship stuff. Are they saying that our sun somehow is a red Sun now? Maybe that’s what it is.

On to issue three!

We’ve gone from Ralph sticking a gun in his mouth in the last issue to Ralph wiggling his nose at a mystery in this one. It’s good to have the Elongated Man back…sorta.

Booster’s rescue of the plane is quite reminiscent of a scene from Superman Returns. This issue came out in May of 2006, and the film came out in June of 2006. Coincidence or some sort of weird DC in-joke? (Obviously, both scenes riff on a moment from John Byrne’s origin story for Supes.)

Sue doesn’t – that was Jean Loring shortly after the events of Identity Crisis. Sue doesn’t come back in any capacity until I believe the New 52 Secret Six, of all places.

And the one detective is Crispus Allen and I think he is the Spectre at this point.

Holy Manic Episode, Batman!

Thank you both for sharing your thoughts. :slight_smile:

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