The 52 Book Club: Week Twenty-Two

Hello and Welcome to The 52 Book Club, where every week we read an issue of the critically acclaimed weekly series as we celebrate it’s 15th anniversary!

This week, as you might guess, we’re looking at issue #22, written by the usuals Grant Morrison, Geoff Johns, Mark Waid and Greg Rucka, with art breakdowns by Keith Giffen, and finishes by Eddy Barrows. This issue also features a Secret Origins back-up story detailing the origin of Green Lantern written by Mark Waid and drawn by Ivan Reis.

Supernova’s presence in Metropolis reveals one of Lex Luthor’s true motives behind the Everyman Program, while Doctor Will Magnus faces off against some old friends in a battle for his life and his sanity!

LINK: 52 #22

This will last from 2021-10-04T05:00:00Z2021-10-10T05:00:00Z, but you can always come back later after reading. Also, if you want to catch up with us, you can check out the #52-book-club hashtag to do so!

Looking forward to hearing what you guys have to say about this one. :slight_smile:



One note, I love how how the cover blurb is a reference to a smaller but interesting looking comic series Magnus: Robot Hunter.


Yep that’s absolutely what they’re doing here with this cover of 52. And yes the Magnus Robot Fighter series are all very interesting and I probably purchased many of them.

The Dynamite series above actually came out six or seven years after 52.

Series that the 52 cover folks were probably thinking of when they did this cover were either the original 1960s Gold Key series

or Jim Shooter’s 1990 Valiant version:

Wild issue for sure! Little disturbing with what happens with the Indian lineage military guy storyline.

And like Magnus Robot Fighter and new Legion, I’ll take Metal Men stories anyway I can get them.