The 52 Book Club: Week Twenty-One

Hello and welcome to another installment of the 52 Book Club where in celebration of it’s 15th anniversary, we’re reading an issue of the critically acclaimed series every week!

This week we’re reading issue number 21, written by the usual band of Waid, Johns, Rucka and Morrison, with art breakdowns by Keith Giffen and finishes by Joe Bennett.

Since the death of his wife, Ralph Dibny has been on a hellacious journey, but now he seeks an actual journey into hell. And tragedy strikes when Lex Luthor’s Infinity Inc faces down the new Blockbuster!

LINK: 52 #21

Looking forward to discussing this issue with you guys! :smiley:

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I have two of these now to catch up, looking forward to it. Thanks for continuing to post.

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Much like the cover of this one, a very Ragdoll feel of a lot of little pieces of fabric and story stitched together.

The death of the Speedster was very obvious from the minute they focused in on her unfortunately. I’m not understanding why Lex wanted to crank up the villain’s power to the point of killing one of his heroes.

The ending has a fun concept brewing:

Car junkyard Tornado!

Thanks for continuing to post your thoughts! :slight_smile:

Yeah, when it comes to fiction like this, the only person who’s more likely to die than the starstruck, optimistic hero is the cop who’s two days away from retirement.

Yeah, I guess Lex’s plan is to manufacture superhero fights to help sell his superpower serum for his own financial gain? I dunno, I guess we’re just too dumb to understand his criminal genius. :laughing: We’ll probably find out soon enough!

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