The 52 Book Club: Week Twenty-Eight

Hello and welcome to the 52 Book Club, where each week we read an issue of he acclaimed maxi-series in celebration of it’s 15th Anniversary!

This week we’re looking at issue 28, written by the Usual Suspects of Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Mark Waid, and Greg Rucka, with art breakdowns by Keith Giffen and finishes by Drew Johnson. This issue also has a Secret Origins back-up of Catman written by Mark Waid and drawn by Dale Eaglesham.

Renee Montoya and The Question approach the new Batwoman about a mysterious prophecy from the Book of Crime, while the space-faring quartet of Lobo, Starfire, Animal Man and Adam Strange learn some disturbing news about the ‘Stygian Passover.’

LINK: 52 #28

If you’re just joining us and you want to start from the beginning, you can check out the hashtag #52-book-club.

Looking forward to discussing this issue with everyone!

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The space stuff with Lobo is not my favorite, mostly because I am not a big fan of Lobo. Good that Renee and Vic were able to save Kate, though.


Bookmarked for the weekend hopefully

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The storyline inched forward okay this time around, in spite of 3 or 4 full page pinup pages that make you wonder, when it’s a short issue to begin with …

I guess Red Tornado is seen better times but on the other hand I’ve never been that big a fan or ever found his story all that compelling.

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Not a huge fan of Lobo either, but I do like Adam Strange, Animal Man and Starfire, so it balances out for me. :slight_smile:

Yeah, that was a little odd, but they all looked cool enough, so… :man_shrugging:

I’ve been apathetic to Red Tornado in the past, but I am curious to see what his role really is. I mean, he’s gotta be saying “52” for a reason, right?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! :smiley: